5 Most Common NDA 2 2017 Exam Chemistry MCQs

Defence entrance exams such as NDA entrance exam have chemistry common in their syllabus, in this article we are sharing 5 Most Common NDA 2 2017 Exam Chemistry MCQs.


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5 Most Common NDA 2 2017 Exam Chemistry MCQs

Q.  At constant temperature, if the pressure is doubled, the volume of the gas will be?

1. Doubled
2. Increased four times
3. Reduced by half
4. Not changed

Q. Which of the following statement Is wrong about electron?

1. It is a particle
2. It emits energy while moving in orbit.
3. Its motion is affected by magnetic field.
4. It has wave like property

Q. A strontium atom differs from a strontium ion in that the atom has a greater

1. number of electrons
2. mass number
3. number of protons
4. atomic number

Q. In Fourier’s law, the proportionality constant is called the

1. thermal conductivity
2. thermal diffusivity
3. heat transfer co-efficient
4. Stefan-Boltzman constant

Q. In a first order reaction, the concentration of the reactant decreases from 0.8 M to 0.4 M in 15 minutes. The time taken for the concentration to change from 0.1 M to 0.025 M is

1. 60 min
2. 30 min
3. 15 min
4. 7.5 min