10 Life Lessons You Can Learn In Military Academy

Joining military academy is a dream of every defence aspirant, being inside a military training academy is very different from the outer world. Below are few lessons you can learn inside any military training academy.

Either you win or you lose, there are no points for a second place: At war, all you need is to be better than the opposition every time. War is no experience to take back, wars are painful and so is losing in reality. Your opposition might be better equipped and in a better position than you currently are, but nothing really counts. Winning is a habit and a good one.

Selflessness: It’s not just a word for our cadets it’s an attitude.
The sense of responsibility, the sacrifice. The love for your country the responsibility of your men never comes in any condition. It’s when you are acting selflessly that you are at your bravest.

Value of Discipline: Being a minute late can make you do all those cream rolls or even you could miss a meal (the most important and delightful thing in your entire schedule). Discipline is doing what has to be done even if you don’t feel like doing it. It’s like choosing what you want now or what you want the most. It’s what the road to success made up of.

There is “No substitute to hard work”: All the roads that lead to success have to pass through the hard work boulevard at some point. There are no shortcuts to success. You cannot sit back and hope for a miracle you need to step out and make one. The other might be more skillful than you are more talented than you ever would be, but what you can make sure is that your hard work overpowers everything.

Adaptability and Fieldcraft: Not every time you will be in a familiar and comfortable situation. Life keeps kicking you all the time, you cannot fight fate but what you can is adapt to that change. “When the going gets tough. The tough gets going”.

Fear is a disease, Hustle is the antidote: Every time when you think you can’t do it, give it a shot. Fear can come in any form it can be a fear of failure or whatever. The danger is very real but fear is always a choice. Everything you want is on the other side of your fear.

Observe and Obey: By learning to obey, you will know how to command.

Believe (On oneself + Greater On Companions): Belief is what gets you halfway through. What training teaches you is that the same belief you happen to have on yourself you need to have on your companion. It is a team it always has been. “I’ve got you back”.

More actions Fewer words: The best a leader can do is to lead by example. No words would have the same impact as your actions. Your words would mean nothing if they aren’t backed up with actions. Actions determine the outcome, not words.

Jack of all trades master of all: You can’t do with being good at one particular thing, specialization is for insects, you need to be good at a handful of things that would set you apart.

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