180 Days Study Plan to Crack General Ability Test for NDA 1 2021 and NDA 2 2021 Exam

6 Months Study Plan to Crack the General Ability Test Section for NDA 1 2021 and NDA 2 2021 Exam

Take a print of this and maintain this routine. Do not forget to read the Important Points written in the end. They are mandatory.

Note: T = Theoretical questions, N = Numerical questions, B = Both theory and numericals.

Important Points to remember:

  1. Every day you have to go through Current Affairs without fail.
  2. Remember, here, the number of hours include all kinds of preparation. Not just reading but also solving and practicing few sets of questions in it too.
  3. Avoid large numericals. Restrict yourself for basic information and complete conceptual analysis. However, formulae are all absolutely important.
  4. Once a topic is done, do keep sets of copies of all of the preparatory notes at a separate place. Once every six days, gift yourself some free time if you think you really worked hard.
  5. Do not delve overly deep in anything. Catch the concept as the main motto.
  6. Use NCERT books and SSBCrack Books as your reference to cover the main things. Remember, do not stress yourself. Maintain interest and enthusiasm.
  7. No matter how much ever prepared you are, if you did not solve 5 practice GS sets before exam, all will go in vain. So please practice and solve Mock Tests too.
  8. No pain. No gain.

Jai Hind!  

Hemanth Kasturi

    General Studies Tutor at SSBCrackExams, Graduate in Aeronautical Engineering, Cleared NDA, CDS, INET, AFCAT exams.

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    1. Next general of army

      Sir how study in lockdown without online classes i think 80% of the students are unable to understand. Start new series of classes on YouTube that will be helpful and motivational for us.

      Current affairs channel from where we get
      1. Piyush Bhavsar

        Very Helpful Section Wise Breakup of Subjects. Thank you! Also share the Sources for specific subject in the upcoming blogs.
      2. Divya Sharma

        Thank you for this study plan for GAT, but please provide us with the Mathematics study plan also. Regards.
      3. Aniruddha Kulkarni

        You'll get it on yt chanell of ssbcrack on daily basis
    3. Mallikarjun

      Sir please make study plan of Mathematics for NDA 1 & 2 2021
      1. Jeevan Kumar

        Hey SSB crack exams, this strategy to crack GAT 2021 is absolutely amazing.All the topics have been broken up giving it a specific time just like spaced repitition. The strategic revision also give us the one last go that we need, Thankyou very much!,My request to you is, "Can you please share a Study plan for Maths too?" And I really didn't get how to download this, Am I supposed to write this down or take screenshots and print it out? . A little help with and I'll be really thankful.
    4. Nitesh

      How to download this pdf
    5. Sonu singh

      Really it will very helpful thanku Soo moluch ssb crack Jai hind
    6. dheersingh

      thanks for it
    7. Deepak Sharma

      Dear sir, please make a plan for CDS 2 2021 also. THANK YOU.
      1. Tejas Nagare

        Hello sir , I am in class 11 th now . And preparing for NDA 2 2021 . Should I start now only And pls give some tips for maths to As I am from 11 my whole syllabus is yet to cover !!

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