5 Killer Tips To Crack NDA 1 2024 Written Exam

Jai Hind future warriors, today we are going to discuss some strategies which helped me in my NDA exams and are bound to do the same for you.

The NDA 1 2024 Exam notification will be made public on 20 December 2023, according the UPSC calendar. Twice a year, the National Defense Academy Exam is given. The Union Public Service Commission is holding a national exam for this position. The NDA Exam is a written, offline test that can be taken in Hindi or English.

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1. Prioritizing: In case you are currently in 12th class, chances are high, you are not that good at Calculus/Probability questions, so its better to skip them but at the same time keep other topics so strong that you do not miss a single question. You may have second thoughts that weightage of sections you are skipping is high but remember that NDA exam doesn’t ask 100% syllabus coverage from you. Even if you do 60 questions correct in MAT they are more than enough. The reason I am asking you to skip them is because there isn’t much time left so work on your good parts to make them the best. Similarly you can do in GAT sections, like candidates with science background can solely rely on those 50+ science questions to get through. Make a list of topics you are good at and work on them

To be honest, The truth is you cannot complete the syllabus of any UPSC Exam, its too much vast. Make a list of topics you can complete and make make sure that these will sail you through the exam. Be ready to leave some topics even if they are important. Like if you are in class XII and haven’t studied calculus so focus on class XI maths(60% of exam) and other topics . Just remember to atleast solve all questions of those chapters which came in the past 10 exams.

2. Go through Previous Year Question (PYQs) Papers: and solve all the questions from the past years. Don’t solve all questions, just the ones from sections mentioned in your list from Tip-1. You can easily download these papers from UPSC Website or can get the free e-book from our online store. Understand the type of questions asked from each topic and if any question is becoming unsolvable, refer to NCERT book, believe me NDA exam is a reflection of NCERT books unlike JEE Exams. For English section PYQ become very important because this section is just so wide if you look up in books.  For Science section you can also go for CDS Exam paper wherein the questions from science section are almost similar to NDA Exam and Take the best NDA Exam Online Course.

3. Mock Tests: Get the timed mock tests and at least try one every third day, I would suggest you to go through the classic way of giving in pen and paper format mock tests, rather than online. There’s no harm in online exams but practicing in the same environment as the exam would help to build confidence. After checking your mock scores, find the questions you did wrong, were they from the sections you were supposed to be good at? If yes then think was that an attention error or a conceptual fault. This introspection is not just good for written exams but for your SSB Interview too. Be honest towards your preparation.

4. Focus on Accuracy: Some of you must be preparing for JEE or NEET exams and know that for good ranks you will have to solve almost all of questions. But in NDA exam final ranks rarely matter once you enter academy. One aspect in which NDA exam becomes tougher is negative marking and that too 1/3rd of marks awarded to correct question. So, candidates need to focus on accuracy first and then develop speed. For example: If you are weak at Maths and just solve 50 questions out of 120 in MAT with 100 percent accuracy you will easily clear the sectional cutoff.

5. One thing you can do for sure is prepare the Current Affairs section, I know it is too vast but if you see the questions they are highly repetitive in terms of questions being asked from military exercises(sometimes even three questions that is 12 marks) and new weapons/armoury the forces have acquired (like when Pinaka was inducted question was asked from it, this time I hope questions form INS Vikrant). You can also go through our (SSBCrack’s) current affairs e-books where news important from our exam point of view are compiled in-brief.

Note: Please do not go through lengthy articles on each and every topic like you don’t need to read that what is happening in Ukraine is good or not and point of view of different intellectuals. Don’t go through ball-by-ball commentary of issues just go through conclusions and important details.

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These were some tips which may prove useful to you but don’t intermingle them with your own strategy if it’s different. Like if your Science and History section is way too strong then you can leave the current affairs part (if you haven’t touched it till now), focus on reading more past questions related to your topics. Use these tips as your helping hand not your only hand.

Hope this article was informative for you! For more such posts related to defence exams and SSB Interview stay tuned

How to prepare for the NDA Exam?

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