AFCAT 2014 2 EKT Mechanical Paper

The following is the AFCAT 2014 2 EKT Mechanical paper this exam was held on 31st August 2014. This was the first time that the EKT was held with AFCAT. EKT asks basics of the main engineering subjects of the concerned stream. EKT mechanical was basic in nature with few questions asked from the practical application.

1. A bag contains 4 white, 5 red and 6 blue balls. Three balls are drawn at random from the bag. The probability that all of them are red, is
a)    1/22    b)    3/22    c)    2/91   d)    2/77

2. Two bulbs when connected in parallel to a source take 100 W each. The total power consumed when they are connected in series with same source is
a)    25 W   b)    50 W   c)    100 W   d)    200W

3. The capacitance between two long parallel conduction depends upon
a)    diameter of wires   b)    distance between wires   c)    both a and b   d)    none of the above

4. Laplace transform of 3t^4
(a)   18/s^4    b)   24/s^4    c) 72/s^5    d)12/s^5

5. The insulation resistance of cable. 1 km long is 1 MΩ. Insulation resistance for 2 m is
a)    5 MΩ    b)  1 MΩ    c)  0.5 MΩ    d)  0.002 M Ω

6. In MKS system, pressure is measured in

a)  Newton/m^2   b)  dynes/cm^2   c) Dynes/cm^2   d) gm wt/cm^2

7 . The value of (_10^)X^2 -log⁡(_10^)X   at x=10 is

a) 0   b) 2   c) 1   d) 4

8. The value of i. (j × k) + j.(I × k) + k.(I × j) is equal to
a)    0   b)    2   c)    1   d)    4

9. A rectangular box with square base is open at the top. The maximum volume of the box made from 1200m^2 is

a)  3000m^3   b)    4000 m^3   c) 2000 m^3   d) None of the above

10. In nuclear reactions we have conservation of
a)    mass only   b)    energy only   c)    momentum only   d)    mass, energy and momentum

11.The load at which the column just buckles, is known as
a)    buckling load   b)    critical load   c)    crippling load   d)    any one of these

12. A tensile test is performed on a round bar. After fracture, it has been found that the diameter remains approximately same at fracture. The material under test was
a)    mild steel   b)    cast iron   c)    glass   d)    copper

13. In a simply supported beam carrying a uniformly distributed load ‘w’ per unit length, the point of contra flexure
a)    lies in the center of the beam   b)    lies at the ends of the beam   c)    depends upon the length of the beam   d)    does not exist

14. Modulus of rigidity may be defined as the ratio of
a)    linear stress to lateral strain   b)    lateral strain to linear strain   c)    linear stress to linear strain   d)    shear stress to shear strain

15. Slenderness ratio is the ratio of
a) maximum size of column to minimum size of column   b) width of column to depth of column
c) effective length of column to lest radius of gyration of the column    d)effective length of column to width of column

16. When screw threads are to be used in a situation where power is being transmitted in one direction only, then the screw threads suitable for this will be
a)    square threads   b)    acme threads   c)    knuckle threads   d)    buttress threads

17. If the depth of water in an open channel is less than the critical depth, the flow is called
a)    critical flow   b)    turbulent flow   c)    tranquil flow   d)    torrential flow

18. A nozzle placed at the end of a water pipe line discharges water at a
a)    low pressure   b)    high pressure   c)    low velocity   d)    high velocity

19.When a body is immersed wholly or partially in a liquid, it is lifted up by a force equal to the weight of liquid displaced by the body. This statement is called
a)    Pascal’s law   b)    Archimedes’s principle   c)    Principle of floatation   d)    Bernoulli’s theorem

20.The ratio of the inertia force to the ……. is called Euler’s number.
a)    pressure force   b)    elastic force   c)    suface tension force   d)    viscous force

21. The portion of the blast furnace above its widest cross-section is called
a)    hearth   b)    stack   c)    bosh   d)    throat

22. The heat treatment process used for castings is
a)    carburizing   b)    normalizing    c)    annealing    d)    tempering

23. Micro-structure of a material is, generally, examined by
a)    naked eye   b)    optical microscope   c)    x-rays techniques   d)    none of these

24. Coefficient of friction depends upon
a)    area of contact only b)    nature of surface only   c)    both a and b   d)    none of these

25. The velocity ratio of a single purchase crab winch can be increased by
a)    increasing the length of the handle   b)    increasing the radius of the load drum
c)    increasing the number of teeth of the pinion   d)    all of the above

26. Reheating in a gas turbine
a)    increases the thermal efficiency    b)    increases the compressor work
c)    increases the turbine work   d)    decreases the thermal efficiency

An after cooler is used to
a)    remove impurities from air   b)    reduce volume of air
c)    cause moisture and oil vapor to drop out    d)    cool the air

For complete paper check out the below given PDF file

AFCAT 2014 2 ekt Mechanical Paper



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