Candidates Sent Back From SSB Interview For Not Producing COVID-19 Negative Certificate

As per the latest updates from the candidates who have attended the SSB interview, candidates who are not able to provide the COVID-19 negative certificate are sent back and not allowed to take part in the SSB interview selection procedure. As per the call letter, candidates are required to provide the COVID-19 negative certificate and also follow the quarantine policies of the respective state.

  • Candidates who are having their SSB interview in near feature, you must follow the instructions mentioned in your call letter.
  • For any confirmation, directly call your respective selection centre.
  • Follow the quarantine rules for the state where you are going for SSB interview.

Some of the information shared by defence aspirants on our Instagram


  1. Rahul

    Is a Covid Negative certificate also required for AFSB (more specifically, at 1 AFSB, Dehradun to be held on 18/07/20 ) as it is nowhere mentioned in the call letter.
    1. Rohit

      "+1" author, please answer asap.
  2. defenceaspirant11

    please also talk about how the candidates for bhopal or allahabad centers don't have to make their own arrangement for 14 days of quarantine while bangalore board candidates have to stay in bangalore before reporting. that would approximately require anywhere between 35-40k rupees for the whole trip. With no guarantees that they'll even let us in after that quarantine because we might get infected during this time.

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