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CDS 1 2024 Exam English Word Meaning Class 1

The evolving nature of the CDS (Combined Defence Services) examination demands a versatile set of skills from candidates aspiring to serve in the Indian Armed Forces. The inclusion of the...

The evolving nature of the CDS (Combined Defence Services) examination demands a versatile set of skills from candidates aspiring to serve in the Indian Armed Forces. The inclusion of the “Word Meaning” topic in the English section underlines the significance of a robust vocabulary and a nuanced understanding of word usage in sentences. This article delves into the importance of the Word Meaning topic in the CDS examination, offers effective preparation strategies, and provides insights on solving questions accurately in this specific area.

Directions: In the following questions a particular word is provided. Four sentences have been framed, one of which makes use of the word correctly. You are required to select the correct option and mark your response on the Answer Sheet accordingly.

Q) Wistful

(a)She was wistful of her resolute this time

(b)The widow’s wistful remembrance of her shared past with her husband brought copious tears to her eyes.

(c) Doctor asked the patient to make a wistful list

(d) The wistful thought of life can be traumatizing

Ans. (b)

Q) Venerate

(a) I want to venerate my life

(b) Veneration of a republican is the future

(c) She is venerated as a saint

(d) The guest was venerated with mockery

Ans. (c)

Q) Deadbeat

(a) I was perplexed by the deadbeat answers of the client

(b) Such swiftness of action cannot be expected of a deadbeat like him

(c)  A deadbeat walked past me

(d) Forgery was a deadbeat for the government

Ans. (b)

Q) Crescendo

(a)It is rather a crescendo that we are bound by fate

(b)Crescendo walking past the pedestrian awakened me

(c)The crescendo of the painting was impressive

(d)The song starts on low notes, slowly increasing in intensity until it reaches a crescendo

Ans. (d)

Q) Rue

(a)He always rues the fact that due to family circumstances, he could not complete his education

(b)I rue of the days I felt happy

(c)They are of rue that it is a futile attempt

(d)The rue subject was not pitied by anyone

Ans. (a)

Q) Monotonous

(a) I have a history of making monotonous things

(b) The seashore was sharing its monotonous misery

(c) The police suspected the culprit because of the monotonous response

(d)  She was complaining that the questions were monotonous

Ans. (d)

Q) Suppress

(a)Suppression of masses has been led by a team

(b)Community service suppressed the participant to a number

(c)His suppression led to a severe injury

(d)Despite his best efforts, he could not suppress his desire to come out openly against the remarks of the speaker

Ans. (d)

Q) Reprehend

(a) Critics have the ability to both praise and reprehend

(b) The butler will reprehend the dining hall after everyone leaves

(c) Any job consultant will tell you to reprehend

(d) Please walk in line to reprehend the town in its complete form

Ans. (a)

Q) Presumptuous

(a) The ending of the movie was marked with presumptuous ending

(b) I was a little presumptuous about the result

(c) The banquet hall was laid with presumptuous chandeliers

(d) Please do not be so presumptuous while dealing with the Director and stay in limits

Ans. (d)

Q) Morbid

(a) She has a morbid interest in funerals

(b) The morbid are alive who walk the earth with zeal

(c) Seema has decided to give morbid results in this finale

(d) Dance can make a person morbid

Ans. (a)

Q) Lurid

(a)Sir Alfred Hitchcock is often considered a master in presenting the lurid details of a murder

(b)She went lurid after her separation with the husband

(c)The ministry decided to help the lurid survivors

(d)The lurid community will suffer the wrath

Ans. (a)

Q) Wary

(a) The wary darkness of the night never scared her soul

(b) I’m a little wary of giving people my address when I don’t know them very well

(C) The wary walk of the dog was perplexing

(d) I am going to buy wary clothes this month

Ans. (b)

Q) Specious

(a) This kind of specious logic may convince a person who is not familiar with the ways of these tricksters

(b) The specious house was sold at first glance

(c) I am bidding for specious contact this month

(d) The street was filled with specious visitors this season

Ans. (a)

Q) Irresolute

(a) The misery of the irresolute needs to be stopped

(b) The irresolute former minister made a rewarding speech and got a round of applause

(c) Sarah’s irresolute nature has landed her in this dilemma

(d) I am irresolute even when I am the only one supporting the theory

Ans. (c)

Q) Grapple

(a)I am going to grapple this weekend

(b)The sanctuary grappled the animals to prey

(c)He was grappled by the news of her father

(d)He learned early to grapple with difficulties and to accustom himself to the necessity

Ans. (d)

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1. Significance of Word Meaning in CDS:

Word Meaning is a pivotal segment designed to evaluate a candidate’s depth of vocabulary, awareness of word connotations, and the ability to discern subtle variations in meanings. A strong command over the meanings of words is essential for comprehending complex texts and effectively communicating ideas.

2. Testing Vocabulary Depth:

This segment assesses not only the breadth but also the depth of a candidate’s vocabulary. It goes beyond rote memorization of words, requiring an understanding of how words function in different contexts and their nuanced shades of meaning.

3. Application of Words in Sentences:

Word Meaning questions in the CDS examination often involve the application of words in sentences. Candidates are expected to choose the word that fits seamlessly into the context, reflecting an advanced understanding of word usage.

How to Prepare for Word Meaning in CDS:

  1. Build a Diverse Vocabulary:
    • Engage in extensive reading across various genres to encounter a wide array of words. Make a habit of noting down unfamiliar words and understanding their meanings.
  2. Word Lists and Flashcards:
    • Utilize word lists and flashcards to systematically expand your vocabulary. Focus on words that are frequently used in literature, current affairs, and military contexts.
  3. Understand Word Connotations:
    • Pay attention to the connotations and nuances associated with words. A nuanced understanding of word meanings involves recognizing subtle variations in usage.
  4. Practice in Context:
    • Practice applying words in sentences. Understand how words function in different syntactic structures and how their meanings change based on the context.
  5. Thematic Learning:
    • Organize your vocabulary learning thematically. For example, categorize words related to military terms, leadership, and strategic concepts. This thematic approach aids in retaining and recalling words.

Solving Word Meaning Questions:

  1. Contextual Analysis:
    • Approach each word meaning question with a focus on the context. Consider the surrounding words and phrases to deduce the intended meaning.
  2. Elimination Strategy:
    • If uncertain about a particular word’s meaning, use the process of elimination. Rule out options that do not align with the overall tone or context of the sentence.
  3. Prioritize Common Usage:
    • Prioritize meanings that align with the most common usage of a word. The CDS examination often leans towards the standard and widely accepted meanings of words.
  4. Practice Time Management:
    • Incorporate time management into your practice routine. Set time constraints for solving word meaning questions to simulate exam conditions and enhance efficiency.

In conclusion, excelling in the Word Meaning segment of the CDS English examination requires a strategic and comprehensive approach to vocabulary building and application. Candidates should immerse themselves in diverse reading materials, continuously expand their word repertoire, and practice applying words in contextual sentences. By adopting these strategies, candidates can confidently tackle Word Meaning questions, demonstrating their linguistic proficiency and enhancing their overall performance in the CDS examination.

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