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CDS & AFCAT 1 2024 Exam Maths Live – Ratio & Proportion – Class 2

Preparing for competitive exams like AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) and CDS (Combined Defence Services) requires a strong understanding of various mathematical concepts. Among these, Ratio and Proportion are...

Preparing for competitive exams like AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) and CDS (Combined Defence Services) requires a strong understanding of various mathematical concepts. Among these, Ratio and Proportion are foundational topics. In this article, we will delve into a live class that extensively covered essential concepts related to Ratio and Proportion in Class 1. This class aimed to equip aspirants with the knowledge and problem-solving skills essential for excelling in the upcoming AFCAT and CDS 1 2024 exams.

Building the Foundation: Understanding Ratios

The live class began with a fundamental concept: the definition of a ratio. A ratio represents the quantitative relationship between two numbers, showcasing how many times one quantity is contained within another. Understanding this fundamental concept is crucial to comprehend advanced concepts in Ratio and Proportion.

Exploring Ratio Properties

In the class, the instructor discussed various properties related to ratios. These properties are essential to manipulate ratios effectively and solve problems based on ratios with accuracy. Understanding how ratios behave under different operations is vital for mastering this concept.

Different Types of Ratios

The class delved into the different types of ratios, including simple ratios, compound ratios, continued ratios, and more. Understanding the nuances and differences between these types is vital for approaching a variety of problems in Ratio and Proportion with confidence.

Applying Ratio Concepts: Componendo and Alternendo

Componendo and Alternendo are problem-solving techniques that are particularly useful in proportion-related problems. The class elaborated on how these techniques can be applied effectively to simplify and solve complex problems involving ratios. Mastery of these techniques equips candidates to tackle a wide range of questions.

Understanding Invertendo and Dividendo

Invertendo and Dividendo are problem-solving methods related to ratios and proportions. The class provided insights into when and how to use these techniques effectively to solve problems. A comprehensive understanding of these methods is essential for approaching complex problems.

Grasping Partnership

Partnership is a significant application of ratios in real-world scenarios. The class provided a thorough understanding of how ratios are utilized to distribute profits and losses among partners. Understanding partnership problems equips aspirants with the ability to solve intricate problems related to this concept.

Exploring Proportion and Its Properties

Proportion is a critical mathematical concept with wide-ranging applications. The live class explored proportion and its properties in detail. Understanding how proportions work and their fundamental properties is vital for solving problems in various domains.

Mastering MCQs for Effective Preparation

The live class incorporated multiple-choice questions (MCQs) related to all the discussed concepts. Solving MCQs is an effective way to reinforce understanding and improve problem-solving skills. These questions tested candidates’ comprehension of the concepts and their ability to apply them in various scenarios.


Preparation for the AFCAT and CDS 1 2024 exams necessitates a strong foundation in mathematical concepts, especially Ratio and Proportion. This article has provided insights into a live class dedicated to mastering these crucial concepts, specifically in Class 1.

Understanding the definition and properties of ratios, various types of ratios, and essential techniques like componendo, alternendo, invertendo, and dividendo are foundational. Moreover, comprehending how ratios extend to concepts like partnership and proportion is vital for approaching problems in the AFCAT and CDS 1 2024 exams with confidence.

The live class discussed herein, enriched with detailed explanations and multiple-choice questions, is a valuable resource for aspirants. It equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently tackle questions related to Ratio and Proportion in the AFCAT and CDS 1 2024 exams. Consistent practice with MCQs and a problem-solving mindset, coupled with a strong understanding of these fundamental concepts, will undoubtedly pave the way for success in these critical examinations.

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