COVID19 Cases Reported At IMA Dehradun

Recently, several IMA cadets, army personnel, and officers who have returned from their homes or from other training centers, have been tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, totaling to 112 reported cases of corona positive in the last one week. DM Dr. Ashish Srivastava said that ample precautionary measures have been taken up by the IMA, not only through an increased test sampling of the cadets, officers, and personnel but also through a proper and thorough surveillance to control the spread of the coronavirus in the campus effectively.

With the sudden rise in the COVID-19 positive results in the IMA campus, a similar rise of concern has also been noticed in the army, the IMA, and the local administrations as well. Covid Center with limited access and movement of the civilian employees and other military personnel has been set up at the IMA itself to treat the infected. Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, ACMO, District Nodal Officer of Corona has also started coordinating with IMA officers to establish and execute proper and organized steps for precaution against the COVID-19 virus in the IMA campus.

The IMA has begun following a thorough routine checkup for coronavirus by testing all those who have returned from vacation or training elsewhere. With these precautions and essential steps taken to fight the global pandemic, thankfully, no new cases of corona positive on the IMA campus have come into the light for the last two days. Dr. Srivastava further assured that those tested COVID positive have been recovering at a fast pace and that arresting the spread of the coronavirus on the campus could not have been possible without the timely and proper implementation of the precautionary steps.

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