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Meet Divya Dhayal from an International Athlete to UPSC CDS 2 2021 OTA AIR-2

Hello, everyone! I am Divya Dhayal and I am here today to share my success story in which I cracked my SSB at the very first attempt.

I am from a defence background as my father is in the Indian Army and he has always encouraged and supported me to make my dream come true. I took CDS OTA 2 2021 exam and appeared for my SSB at SSB Bhopal. I took AFCAT exams as well before but I didn’t appear for my SSB Interview. From my early childhood I have been inspired by my father and the army environment I grew up in, and since then I have always wanted to join the Indian Army.

ssb interview coaching 2

I am an international athlete and I have won medals in the World Championship, World Cup, Asia Cup, and other international tournaments in the field of Archery. So this sportsmanship and the sheer performance under pressure in Archery have taught me a lot in life and these have come in very handily to me when I appeared for my SSB Interview.

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Another important thing that really helped me in SSB was planning and organization skills which not only helped me to complete all of my psychological tests and other tasks in SSB but also helped me in dividing my daily routine among my college studies, sports and preparation for both my written and SSB interview. I did a lot of self-introspection and took help from my father who also had the experience of appearing in SSB interview. I prepared my current affairs knowledge from SSBCrackExams Daily & defence current affairs live classes which take place everyday and most importantly, from Monthly Current & Defence Affairs, s much so that I didn’t even read newspapers.

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I performed all my SSB tasks really well and had a good bonding with all my group members. My physical and mental stamina, all thanks to my passion and interest in sports, was up to the mark throughout the SSB interview.

Divya Dhayal CDS Exam SSB Marks
Divya Dhayal CDS 2 2021 written and SSB interview marks

My personal interview questions were all about me, my studies, my hobbies, my family, current affairs, my reasons of choosing defence over professional sports, and quite surprisingly I didn’t get a single question on Archery, which was quite contrary to my expectations.

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When I saw my result and my All India Ranking (2nd position) I was shocked, since I didn’t prepare deliberately for the AIR. I just thought that I needed to get in the merit. But when I saw my rank and my success, I was quite very happy. My parents are happier and I want to thank both my parents for supporting and encouraging me, especially my mom, with whom I practised all my GD, lecturette and even mock Personal Interview.

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So, I think that it’s not because I have got extraordinary achievements in sports, I have been able to clear my SSB. I think anybody can do it, if you do more smart work than hard work, with proper planning and execution. I think, SSB is not about a preparation for a day or a month or a year, it’s more of a preparation for and through a lifetime, SSB is you!

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