How I Cracked ACC Exam and ACC SSB Interview In 1st Attempt

Hello everyone this is Sonu and I got recommended by 21 SSB Bhopal in my first attempt from ACC entry(armed forces personnel entry only) and I would like to share my experience especially with those who are trying for service entry because a number of service aspirants are usual to this websites. Though I won’t disclose my further information. I am not a tutor and I just want to share my experience so that those who are new may get an overview of SSB and it will be a pleasure for me if someone will get any help from my side.

Let me start with day 1(PPDT)

Total 105 candidates reported at centre. Everything was quite new to me. After briefing we were given a set of reasoning questions consisting of verbal and non verbal tests. It was quite easy IF ONE HAD PRACTICED ENOUGH.

After that we have given a picture for 30sec followed by 4minutes for story writing. Now my special advice to you people is that DONT PREPLANNED your story, it will leads to rejection believe me. Observe the picture and try to relate each and everything in your picture and most important STORY SHOULD BE REALISTIC, NATURAL AND PRACTICALLY POSSIBLE. And it must revolves around the picture e.g. suppose if picture is of party nature then dont try to relate it with any military war, person killed terrorist, captured terrorist and enjoying party with family because IT SEEMS PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Realistic approach leads to selection.

Next part is narattion and group discussion. Give narattion perfectly, deliver it deliberately by having a good eye contact with your group. And when it comes to reach at COMMON STORY, dont repeat your own story. Try to find out what the theme that most of your group member is moving towards and add valuable points in it.

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Screening result came out. Out of 105, 30 got screened in.

Allotted new chest number.

DAY 2(psychology tests)

TAT- observe situation properly in the picture. Relate it with your personality and write those story which is PRACTICALLY POSSIBLE. And according to my view, your story should reflect your personality and again dont PUT YOUR PRE PLANNED STORY HERE. Board members are smart enough. They can differentiate it. They are looking for your subconscious and instantaneous response. ACT ACCORDING TO DEMAND OF SITUATION.

WAT- write whatever comes first in your mind again subconscious mind. Relate it with your personality like I love children so whenever I found any word which I can associate with children, I had associated but again be NATURAL, REALISTIC. Response should be according to words.I have attemptd 58.

SRT- give your response according to situation. Few situation needs only one line situation while others may take 2-3 sentences. So react accordingly. USE YOUR MIND. Attend as much as possible with quality response. I have attended 47 SRT.


Group discussion- give valuable points. Dont bluff. If you have a knowledge. This test is for you. Dont dominate the group. Remember task itself said that GROUP discussion. Here group matters. Be the part of group. Give chance to others.

GPE- use your mind, give priority to problem as per demand of the problem. Devide group in required group of people and plan your action accordingly. Take it as a real situation and you will automatically give priority to problems very naturally.

PGT- seriously saying I have no idea about ground task. Everything was quite new to me. I hadnt attended any coaching classes but yes I have read book of ssbcrack and have some ideas about tasks but still in ground, it was new. But I didnt loose myself. I was be with my group. I have cooperated with them in a well way. Followed other ideas as well. And same thing happened in HGT but this time I had given few ideas as I have  learnt few  things from PGT.

LECTURETTE- choose topic according to your knowledge. Try to choose those topics where you may add current affairs. SPEAK CONFIDENTLY, DELIBERATELY BUT POLITELY. English is.important here I feel. So prepare for your english part as well, read newspaper daily, learn new word, use it in your daily life to get mastery over it and lecturette will be cakewalk but remember KNOWLEDGE HAS A POWER. So be prepare for it.

GOR- I enjoyed the task completely. Shouted the war cry, helped friends as well as took help of others. All over I was be the part of group(active part).

In individual obstacles, all service personnel had done atleast 13 obstacles and so as me. I had completed 14. But here again plan your attempt.

After my  gto task I was called for interview in same gto dress.

INTERVIEW- his first question was how was your gto? And being true to myself I said GD and lecturette was good but I havent participate well in PGT and HGT and I truly admitted that everything was new for me and I haven’t attended any coaching classes or PDP.

And rest of my interview was on the basis of my PIQ. Family, friends, achievements, strength , weaknesses etc. And being a true to myself it was quite easy for me to answer all the things. So I will say only one thing that BE TRUE TO YOURSELF AS WELL AS WITH SSB BOARD. Believe me I feel that they are looking for true personality. Accept your mistakes, work on your weaknesses, show them spark, harmony and let them know you are a PROGRESSIVE PERSON.

Make a target to develop your personality at such a level that ssb board left with no option then select you.

If you have any weakness, if you have done anything wrong in your past , admit it but at the same time let them know that you have improved a lot and will overcome your weaknesses.



I had been thinking about ground task since day 1 of gto and somehow I have got some ideas and principles on which gto task was all about. And I was confident that today I will perform better then yesterday.

I was called for command task and was given a task to diffuse the bomb. I use my mind, common sense, and found it very easy and diffused the bomb from all the three available sides. I was satisfied by my performance. And same principle I had applied in FGT.  

Day 5(conference)

I was quite satisfied with my performance because I knew that I was true to myself as well with board and had performed well and admit my mistakes like a progressivr people because I believe that accepting mistake is the first step to overcome it. And that I have done.

I was called for conference and they had asked general questions about my stay and friends that I have made there.

And after conference somehow I feel that I have made it.

Result announced. 5 candidates recommended which is quite a good results and I was of course one of them.

Now friends I would like to say few things which I personally believe about ssb.

  1. Dont preplanned your story in advance. Practice is good but aim of practice is to improve time management not of mugging up the story.
  2. Natural, realistic and original response is needed.
  3. Work on your personality, ssb will be bi-product.
  4. Dont ever try to show your qualities, it is their task. Keep doing and performing with your full potential.
  5. Be ready for your trade related questions.
  6. Be calm, composed especially when situation was out of control. Be a ‘captain cool’ like dhoni.

And at last read all the related blogs from different websites especially from SSBCrack so as to get an overview of SSB. Because I was a regular user of this site and updated myself regularly.

And at last, I would like to pay my heartiest gratitude to the SSBCrack team. Thank you.


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