How Military Leaders Are Created And Their Morally Strong Behaviour

Most of us are aware what do we have to do to be a good potential candidate for SSB but have you ever thought that after passing out from the academy, how an officer can be a true military leader. We know that to reach the heights of one’s military career, an officer needs to be an exceptional leader among other officers. We will discuss some points about morally and professionally strong behaviour of military leaders and you can follow them to be one.

Technical and Tactical Expertise
You must be a Subject Matter Expert in both the common military tasks and the specific tasks of your regiment or branch. If you don’t know your troops’ jobs, how can you know if they’re doing it correctly or not? How can you evaluate your troops’ ability to do their jobs if you don’t know what that job is?

military leaders

Adhere to your Service’s values
You set the example for your troops and if you lack any of the values, your troops will follow in your stead. To echo others’ answers, the two most important are respect and integrity. Your troops might respect your rank because they have to, but they don’t have to respect you as a person. Earn their respect and give them respect. Likewise, if your troops can’t trust you, then they’re going to be reluctant to follow you.

Compassion and a good sense of humour
In the military, you’re a service member always and should follow the Chetwode Moto. That being said, if your troops know you have their backs and will support them as much as you can, then that will be reciprocated. Your troops will sometimes test your patience and will do things that will make you shake your head and laugh because there is no other appropriate response. Remember “Sam Bahadur” and how he earned respect from his troops.

Take Charge
Your troops expect you to be a leader, so lead! However, don’t micromanage. If you give your troops a mission, let them figure out how to get it done and let them do it – as long as their methods aren’t immoral, unethical, or illegal. Sometimes there will be room for discussion as to what and how things get done; when those times happen to let your troops voice their thoughts and opinions – their ingenuity might surprise you and their ideas might be quicker and more effective than your ideas. Other times the mission isn’t up for a vote as the military protects democracy but doesn’t practice it and it’s those times you need to tell your men to shut up and just get it done. Knowing not only where you fall in the chain of command but also where you fall in the execution of the mission. There is a difference between an active and involved superior and a micromanaging busy body.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Your Hands Dirty
Don’t demand your troops to do anything you’re unwilling to do or haven’t done yourself. Don’t “make” work, either. If the task is needed to accomplish the mission, then get your troops to hop to. If it’s a waste of time and not only because your troops think it is, but because it actually is, find something better to do – like training and don’t do the time waster. You should have a good understanding of the differences between tactics, strategy, logistics and how they interact with each other in routine or in exceptional times.

Be There For Your Troops
Defend your troops to your superiors whenever possible as your troops will walk through fire for you and will go of their way not to make you look bad. Keep your rewards and punishments consistent and easy to understand. That line is literally straight out of the Art of War. It is just as true today as it was then. Yes, there are a standard set of rules that the entire military adheres to but there are numerous “lesser” laws of the military, that smaller unit commanders have the latitude to enforce without kicking things up the chain to screw over a grunt. But that power if abused by Officers then men loses respect for them very quickly when they do. Do not be afraid to take audacious action. But make sure damn sure you are right when you do. There will always be consequences for going over your superiors’ head. But sometimes it’s worth it.

Lead by example

Sounds Cliché, but whether you are conscious of it or not you are always leading by example. Keep your uniform clean and the public parts of your personal life above board. That makes a bigger difference then people realize.

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