How To Crack Trigonometry Easily In Defence Exams?

Trigonometry is a very important topic when it comes to defence examinations. It contains a lot of formulas and most of the students feel tensed on how to learn so many formulas when they are preparing for other topics additionally… So, I will help you solve this most asked riddle.

Trigonometry is that branch of mathematics that deals with the study of triangles. And we have been studying triangles from our early schooling days. So, just follow the following tips to make trigonometry easy.

Tip 1:

Try to brush up all the basic concepts on angles first. The most important ones are the concepts of the right angles, complimentary angles, degrees and radians concepts. Also, don’t forget to revise the basics of linear and quadratic equations. Once you know the basics then you can go ahead.

Tip 2:

Conceptualize the relationship of all trigonometrical functions, as they are inter-related. Learn the basic values of sine angle on the special angles, based on those value only, all other angles such as cosine, tangent, cotangent, sec, cosec all can be derived. Better than just cramming the values, its best if you understand the concept behind the same. Then there comes allied angle relation, which seems difficult to learn just like that. Use “All Students To College” approach (or “All Silver Tea Cups” or whatever has been taught to you in your college or school) to determine the sign of angles in different quadrants. This will sort a lot of your problems in trigonometry. Though, you can follow my lectures on trigonometry where I have explained a lot of questions using this approach.

Tip 3:

Try to learn the basic trigonometric identities. From them, you can relate most of the other formulas. In trigonometry, there are so many formulas just to solve the questions, but not all of them are important. The how to figure out which of them are important is to just analyze the previous years’ questions pattern and focus on the frequently used formulas. One more thing I would suggest is that, try to derive the formulas by your own while studying them for the first time, doing this will automatically help you in understanding the concepts better.

Tip 4:

Try to visualize and then solve the questions. The heights and distances is a very important subtopic under trigonometry. For that topic, all you need to do is just imagine yourself in the question, practically feel the situation, and you will never miss the correct way of approach by doing this.

Tip 5:

Practice is the key to success, specially in mathematics. The more you practice similar questions of a topic, the more you understand the concept. Don’t think that you have solved a few questions then you know it all. Solving the same questions on repeated time interval will show you wonders. By doing so, you will come up with new approach every time. And in trigonometry, there are several approaches to solve a given question. So, practice!

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If you follow these basic tips then I’m sure you will not be afraid of trigonometry. Trigonometry is one of the most beautiful branches of mathematics. It is just that you should have proper understanding and not just the cramming of formulas. To understand more about the insights of the concepts of trigonometry, follow my lectures on SSBCrackExams.

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