Instruction to fill CDS 2 2016 Exam OMR Sheet

Applicant who are going to write CDS 2 2016 Written Exam in Oct 2016 are requested to go through the instructions that are notified by UPSC for the applicants on how to fill answer sheet in the examination hall.

Instruction to fill CDS 2 2016 Exam OMR Sheet

Instruction to fill CDS 2 2016 Exam OMR Sheet

Please follow these instructions very carefully. You may note that since the answer sheets are to be evaluated on machine, any violation of these instructions may result in reduction of your score for which you would yourself be responsible. Before you mark your responoses on the Answer Sheet, you will have to fill in various particulars in it.
As soon as the candidates receives the Answer Sheet, he/she should check that it is numbered at the bottom. If it is found un-numbered he/she should at once get it replaced by a numbered one.
You will see from the Answer Sheet that you will have to fill in the top line, which reads thus :





If you are, say, appearing for the examination in Delhi Centre for the English Paper’ and your Roll No. is 081276 and your test booklet series is ‘A’, you should fill in thus, using black ball pen.





  • You should write in black ball pen the name of the centre and subject in English or Hindi.
  • The test Booklet Series is indicated by Alphabets A, B, C or D at the top right hand corner of the Booklet.
  • Write your Roll Numbers exactly as it is in your Admission Certificate with black ball pen in the boxes provided for this purpose. Do not omit any zero(s) which may be there.
  • The next step is to find out the approriate subject code from the Time Table. Now encode the Test Booklet Series, Subject Code and the Roll Number in the circles provided for this purpose. Do the encoding with black ball pen. The name of the Centre need not be encoded.
  • Writing and encoding of Test Booklet Series is to be done after receiving the Test Booklet and confirming the Booklet Series from the same.
  • For English paper of ‘A’ Test Booklet Series you have to encode the subject code, which is 01. Do it thus.








  • All that is required is to blacken completely the circle marked ‘N below the Booklet Series and below the sub-ject code blacken completely the Circles for “0” (in the first vertical column) and “1” (in the second vertical column). You should then encode the Roll No. 081276. Do it thus similarly :Untitled1111






Ensure that you have carefully encoded your subject Test Booklet series and Roll Number.

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