Lt Jyoti Nainwal Wife of Martyr Naik Deepak Becomes Army Officer


Lt Jyoti passed out from OTA, Chennai today, fulfilling her husband Naik Deepak’s (1 Mahar) dying wish. Lt Jyoti mother of Reyansh(5) and Lavanya (8), got commissioned into the Indian Army after receiving tremendous motivation and being persistently encouraged by her husband’s parent unit (1 MAHAR). Brig Cheema (ex CO 1 MAHAR) mentored her throughout her course of preparation. 

An independent woman who does not fear to tread on a path most would dread. Lt Jyoti proved that a wife of a Martyr is called a Veer Nari because she has the courage to deal with and overcome any challenge or tragedy. Her extraordinary success also displays the bonding , patronage and continuous guidance provided by her husband’s battalion and regiment.

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  • SALUTE,RESPECT and KOTI KOTI NAMAN to Mam’s audacity & the dedication she has to fulfill her late husband Nk Deepak Nainwal dream.
    She’s the true embodiment of VEER NAARI🙏🙏⚔

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