Meaning of Indian Army Vehicles Number Plate

In India, all motorised road vehicles are assigned a registration number issued by the RTO of their respective states.

These numbers are visible on the rear and front of the vehicles’ number plates as per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR). These vehicles are registered with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

  • The plate numbering is started from an arrow pointing upward called Broad Arrow. It prevents the number from being read upside down and wrongly.
  • The two numbers followed by Broad Arrow are the date of manufacturing or the induction date of the respective vehicle . Example 21 – The year 2021.
  • The next alphabet indicates the type of the vehicle.
    1. A – Two-wheel Vehicle like bullet
    2. B – Cars and Jeeps like Gypsy
    3. C – Light Motor Vehicle (1 or 2.5 tonnes)
    4. D – Lorry Trucks (3 -5 tonnes) like Ashok layland
    5. E – Specialist Trucks, Cranes, etc
    6. P- Army Bus
    7. K- Ambulance
    8. X – Armour Vehicles
  • Next is the actual 6 digit registration number of the vehicle.
  • The last alphabet is the check code.

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