Meet Major Archie Acharya Woman Behind Indian Army Social Media

Who could have imagined the little schoolgirl staring at the billboard of a smart army officer in the olive green uniform, hovering over those golden words “Do you have it in you?”, would take the question so seriously to prove to the world her zeal and effort to be the woman behind the Indian Army’s entry into the world of digital and social media. Major Archie Acharya is a communications engineer from JNU. During her service, she has been posted at the Line of Control, RAPID Battalion as part of Strike Corps and Electronic Warfare Units and Formations.

Losing her father at a young age and facing numerous hardships along with financial crises did not make it easier for Major Archie Acharya to fulfil her childhood dreams but her passion and her mother’s indomitable wish t see her daughter in the officer’s uniform drove her on her path. She graduated with an Engineering degree and sat for the defence competitive exam in which she got selected at her first attempt. She joined the Indian Army and got posted near the Pakistan border where she worked in Equipment repair, recovery and maintenance role, besides conducting long-range patrolling at the Indo-Pak border.

With the Army realizing its importance of presence in social platforms after the Kargil War, responsibilities now fell on Major Archie Acharya to unravel the many mysterious and unknown facts of the Indian Army to the world. She started looking into social networking strategies and analytics for this very purpose.

She currently is in charge of handling the Indian Army’s official website and YouTube channel, and also of initiating social media campaigns to popularize the activities of the Indian Army in a strong, positive light among the general public, encouraging thousands of young girls like her, with eyes full of dreams and hearts full of fire and passion to make the country glorious and proud.

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