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NDA 1 2024 Defence Training Centres of Indian Army Lecture

The Indian Defence services have established numerous academies and staff colleges across India for the purpose of training professional soldiers in military sciences, warfare command and strategy, and associated technologies.

NDA 1 2024 Defence Training Centres of Indian Army Lecture

S. No.Name of the Training Institutes/Academies
1.National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla, Pune
2.Indian Military Academy, Dehradun
3.Officer’s Training Academy, Chennai
4.Officer’s Training Academy, Gaya
5.Army War College, Mhow
6.Infantry School, Mhow
7.College of Materials Management (CMM), Jabalpur
8.AEC Training College and Centre, Pachmarhi
9.Military College of Telecommunication (MCTE), Mhow
10.Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), Dehradun
11.Remount Training School and Depot, Hempur
12.High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS), Gulmarg
13.AC Centre & School (ACCS), Ahmednagar
14.School of Artillery, Devlali
15.College of Military Engineering (CME), Pune
16.Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune
17.Military Intelligence Training School and Depot, Pune
18.Army School of Physical Training (ASPT), Pune
19.Institute of National Integration, Pune
20.Institute of Military Law, Kamptee
21.Army Sports Institute, Pune
22.Combat Army Aviation Training School, Nasik Road Camp, Nasik
23.Heavy Bridging Training Camp, Marve
24.Army Air Defence College (AADC), Gopalpur
25.Junior Leaders Wing, Infantry School, Belgaum
26.Army Service Corps (ASC), Bangalore
27.CMP Centre & School, Bangalore
28.Rashtriya Military School, Belgaum
29.Rashtriya Military School, Bangalore
30.Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare (CIJW) School, Vairengte.
31.Junior Leader’s Academy, Bareilly
32.Army Medical Corps (AMC) Centre & School, Lucknow
33.RVC Centre & School, Meerut Cantt.
34.Army Airborne Training School, Agra
35.Remount Training School and Depot, Saharanpur
36.Electronic and Mechanical Engineering (EME) School, Vadodara
37.Military College of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering (MCEME), Secunderabad
38.Simulator Development Division, Trimulgherry, Secunderabad
39.Rashtriya Military School, Ajmer
40.Rashtriya Military School, Dholpur
41.Rashtriya Military School, Chail
42.Special Forces Training School, Nahan
43.Mechanised Infantry Regimental Centre, Ahmednagar
44.Artillery Training Centre, Nasik
45.Bombay Engineer Group and Centre, Kirkee
46.Guards Training Centre, Kamptee
47.Army Postal Service Centre, Kamptee
48.Punjab Regimental Centre, Ramgarh
49.Sikh Regimental Centre, Ramgarh
50.Madras Engineer Group & Centre, Bangalore
51.Parachute Regimental Centre, Bangalore
52.Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Centre, Belgaum
53.Army Service Corps Centre(South), Bangalore
54.Pioneer Corps Centre, Bangalore
55.Army Service Centre(North), Bangalore
56.Artillery Training Centre, Hyderabad
57.Army Ordnance Corps Centre, Secunderabad
58.1 Electrical and Mechanical Engineer Centre, Secunderabad
59.Bengal Engineer Group and Centre, Roorkee
60.Jat Regimental Centre, Bareilly
61.Rajput Regimental Centre, Fatehgarh
62.Dogra Regimental Centre, Faizabad
63.Sikh Light Infantry Regimental Centre, Fatehgarh
64.39 Gorkha Training Centre, Varanasi
65.11 Gorkha Rifles Regimental Centre, Lucknow
66.Kumaon Regimental Centre, Ranikhet
67.Garhwal Rifles Regimental Centre, Lansdowne
68.1 Signal Training Centre, Jabalpur
69.Grenadiers Regimental Centre, Jabalpur
70.Jammu & Kashmir Rifles Regimental Centre, Jabalpur
71.Mahar Regimental Centre, Sagar
72.3 Electrical and Mechanical Engineer Centre, Bhopal
73.2 Signal Training Centre, Panaji
74.Madras Regimental Centre, Wellington
75.Rajputana Rifles Regimental Centre, Delhi Cantt.
76.Bihar Regimental Centre, Danapur
77.Assam Regimental Centre, Shillong
78.58 Gorkha Training Centre, Shillong
79.Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry Regimental Centre, Srinagar
80.Headquarters Ladakh Scouts, Leh
81.14 Gorkha Training Centre, Sabathu
82.Defence Security Corps Centre, Cannanore
83.Air Defence Artillery Centre, Gopalpur, Orissa
84.Defence Services Staff College (DSSC), Wellington
85.College of Defence Management (CDM), Secunderabad
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