How to read a newspaper for SSB Interview

A key component of your preparation for the SSB Interview should be reading a quality newspaper. Most of us either waste our valuable time reading it or end up doing so. Others completely disregard it or read it quickly, losing out on certain crucial details. Indeed, both extremes are dangerous and have little bearing on your single objective of increasing your familiarity with current events.

So, how exactly one should read a newspaper?

One must keep in mind that newspapers are written for a wide range of readers, from 10 to 12-year-old children who have recently discovered that their parents or grandparents read them every morning and want to see if there is anything they might find interesting, to housewives or older members of society who have enough time for a thorough reading. In addition to these sections, newspapers also appeal to students looking for employment, politicians, public officials, businesspeople, housewives, professionals, and even foreign travelers.

Therefore, it has something to offer everyone. For someone looking for work, keeping up with current events is important. A mature person wants to know editorials or opinions. For sports fans, there are pages dedicated to sports, and for business owners and people working in the private sector, there are pages dedicated to the economy and stock markets.

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Ways to read a newspaper and how much time is appropriate to read it?

If you’re looking for work, you should concentrate on the first page, then the national and international pages, and finally the sports page. You could also take a moment to look at the editorial page, which occasionally includes insightful articles. Most days, 4-5 news stories may be pertinent to you. If expressed in terms of time, 30-45 minutes are plenty to keep up with events in the nation and around the globe.

There are several news-free apps, and each one claims to provide the most current and popular news. Job searchers occasionally save cuttings of important news stories so they can read them in-depth at a leisurely time, such as on a Sunday or holiday. It’s a healthy habit to read the newspaper as its whole rather than just skimming it. Those who read the newspaper to keep up with current events and general knowledge must take daily notes. Online newspapers also offer a news summary for every article.

It’s essential to save the relevant news and read it deliberately when reading online versions. Some folks even choose to print the content out for later reading convenience.

Making a daily digest and writing down the pertinent news items can help you recall the important events that happened, which is just as important as reading the daily newspaper.

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