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OTA Gaya Passing Out Parade 9 December 2023

Experience the moment as the future guardians of the nation, the Officer Cadets from TES 42 and SCO 51, accomplish their long-awaited goal of wearing stars on their uniforms. This significant milestone will occur as they are officially commissioned into the Indian Army on December 9, 2023, at the Officers Training Academy in Gaya.

What is OTA Gaya

The Officers Training Academy (OTA) in Gaya, India, is a military training establishment of the Indian Army that trains officers primarily for Short Service Commission. It was established in 2011 and is one of the three pre-commission training academies for the Indian Army, the other two being the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun and the OTA in Chennai.

OTA Gaya is designed to train and commission officers primarily into the technical branches of the Indian Army. This includes cadets who join through various entry schemes such as the Technical Entry Scheme (TES) and Special Commissioned Officers (SCO) courses. The training at OTA Gaya is rigorous and is focused on imparting military education, leadership qualities, physical fitness, and ethical values, ensuring that the officers are well-prepared for their roles in the Indian Army.

The academy plays a significant role in shaping the future leaders of the Indian Army, contributing to the overall strength and capability of India’s defense forces.

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