15 Real Life Examples of Mathematics

Mathematics is fun if we relate and visualize it through real life applications. Many students study mathematics but they feel what is the use of mathematics! Is it only to score good marks in examinations? Indeed, it is very important in defence examinations, but why! That you will know by the end of this article.

There are many uses of mathematics in our real and a few of them we already know as profit and loss calculation, percentage calculation of value (for example profit percent), addition and subtraction. These are a few topics from basic mathematics that we come across, and we know their uses also. But what about the topics of higher level such as Matrices, Calculus, Statistics, Logarithm, etc.?

We will be discussing a few out of many uses of these topics of mathematics.

  • Use of Logarithms in earthquake intensity measurement:

Logarithms seem to be one of those topics of mathematics, at which maximum allegations of being useless are imposed. But logarithms are very useful where we shall do large calculations. It is used in the Richter Scale to measure the intensity of the earthquake. It further can be used to compare the intensity of the earthquake in two different countries, and also to determine the epicenter of the earthquake.

  • Use of Matrices in computer based applications

‘Matrices’ is an interesting topic; in a few countries, it is played as a game also. But it has better uses than that. Matrices play a vital role in computer-based apps, in the projection of 3-D image into 2-D screen, creating realistic seeming motions. Whenever you click a selfie, and the picture appears! That uses algorithms created by matrices. Also, calculators are created with the help of matrices. So, I hope now you would not feel that why is the concept of matrices introduced.

  • Use of Functions in your dieting days

These functions are from mathematics which is a part of your dieting days. You want to know how? When you are following a diet then you measure weight very frequently, almost every day. In that case, you are seeing your weight as a function of time, as the function is nothing but a mapping between two conditions.

  • Use of Functions in Google search

When you are searching for a particular thing, you are shown some relatable advertisements. That happens because of the mapping of internet clicks to advertisement suggestions. Also, sometimes you may search for a song and as a result, you see songs, genres, artists, etc., that is all because of this mapping i.e. functions.

  • Use of Binary in watching digital images

Since childhood, we have read that computer uses binary language, additionally, I would like to tell you that the digital images we see on the screens are also encoded with binary line for each pixel.

  • Use of Quadratic Equations in sports

Quadratic equations help a good player to analyze his game and improve. Be it any game like basketball, football, etc., the trajectory of the ball after the hit can be observed with the help of quadratic equations, that’s how a coach can train in a more efficient way always.

  • Use of Probability for predictions of Weather

We use the word ‘probably’ quite often, which means the thing (or the event) may happen. Likewise, probability means to predict the outcome for a situation. The predictions made by the weather forecasting team is done with the help of probability (and statistics also).

  • Use of Statistics in preparation for emergency situations like COVID-19

Statistics play a very crucial role in emergency situations. The emergency situation like COVID-19 has emerged like a monster. To deal with this pandemic also, statistical data is helping a lot, when we have a detailed analysis of how the patients are increasing per week, we can prepare ourselves for the medical aids required. Likewise, in many other such situations, statistical analysis can help a lot to prepare with better arrangements against the emergency situation.

  • Use of Trigonometry in flying fighter jet

When we study the trigonometry chapter, we come across many problems dealing with what will be the height of aircraft from the ground if it is observed from a particular angle. That’s how it happens in battlegrounds also. The trigonometry helps to trace the paths of the jet and the height up to which it will go at a certain angle.

  • Use of Mensuration in building the perfect architecture pieces

Mensuration includes areas and volumes, and that is why it is very important for architecture to know mensuration. In the construction of a smallest to the tallest building, mensuration is used.

  • Use of Definite Integration in calculating the area of any curve

Definite integration is used in the calculation of the non-symmetric curves. The formulas may not be defined for every curve as not every curve represents a rectangle or a circle, but definite integration can always solve that problem.

  • Use of Calculus in calculating death time

In the detective sows, you might have seen that the forensic team tells about the actual time of death of a person just by examining the body. This is possible with the help of calculus only.

  • Use of Conics in telescopes

Conics includes shaped like parabolas, ellipse, hyperbolas. All these are used for their reflective properties. Thus, because of their property to reflect they are used in telescopes, headlights of cars, flashlights, etc.

  • Use of Differentiation in cost analysis

The derivatives are used in analyzing the cost and making it the most efficient. With the help of derivatives, you can tell about the amount of material used in making of buildings and many more.

  • Use of Geometry in fashion designing

Geometry includes the study of properties of various shapes, and fashion designing is an art which can make the use of all such shapes in a very beautiful way. The fashion designing industry in making use of it very efficiently and beautifully.

So, by now you know a lot of uses of higher mathematics in our real life. Now if anyone asks you that why to study mathematics at this level as this won’t be useful anywhere, then tell them these points. Mathematics is used in every step of our life, it’s just the way we observe it. I hope you must have developed some innovative ideas regarding more uses of mathematics.

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