Story of Brave Major Pawan Gautam Rashtriya Rifles

Major Pawan Gautam is a highly daring and dedicated officer. He created an effective intelligence network in his area of responsibility in Jammu and Kashmir. With his ingenuity and relentless effort and by breaking into the network of Over Ground Workers, the officer generated specific intelligence resulting in the elimination of seven hardcore terrorists. On 31 March 2018, on receipt of input about the presence of terrorists, Maj Pawan Gautam displaying tactical acumen of the highest order, meticulously planned, and established a foolproof cordon with stealth and surprise.

He along with his buddy Rifleman Mohd Maroof tactically approached the target house but suddenly came under a heavy volume of terrorist fire from the house. Two terrorists came out firing indiscriminately trying to break the cordon and also lobbed hand grenades on them, thus injuring Rfn Mohd Maroof. Maj Pawan Gautam displaying raw courage under heavy fire, retaliated and neutralized one terrorist and rescued his injured buddy. The second terrorist took position and brought down a heavy volume of fire on the officer and lobbed hand grenades on him. Simultaneously, other terrorists in the house also opened fire on the officer and his party.

With total disregard for personal safety, displaying nerves of steel under heavy indiscriminate terrorist fire, the officer crawled towards the hiding terrorist and neutralized him from very close range and caused injuries to other terrorists. Two terrorists were neutralized by the officer, in addition, five more terrorists were neutralized during this operation. Major Pawan Gautam displayed exemplary leadership, raw courage, and gallantry beyond the call of duty resulting in the elimination of a total of seven hardcore terrorists.

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