Story Of Brave Major Pawan Kumar Jat Regiment

Major Pawan Kumar displayed astute tactical acumen, indomitable spirit and raw courage which led to elimination of a hardcore terrorist in September 2017.

A top terrorist and the longest surviving terrorist of the valley whilst infiltrating back from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir by taking cover of darkness, thick foliage, boulders and folds of the ground was effectively engaging own troops with deadly fire. The dreaded terrorist could have been engaged only with accurate indirect fire. Major Pawan realising the gravity of situation and danger to safety of own troops, undaunted by heavy volumes of fire, displaying raw courage, used folds of the ground to crawl towards the terrorist and closed in the distance.

He lobbed a grenade at the terrorist forcing him to expose himself and in a fierce encounter shot him dead from a close quarter. His elimination not only saved lives of own troops but also prevented revival of terrorism in the valley. Major Pawan Kumar displayed perseverance, dedication to duty, unmatched bravery and raw courage in elimination of a hardcore terrorist.

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