10 Streams Women Officers Join In Indian Army

Many female candidates want to know the regiments or corps they can join in the Indian army as an officer. Many aspirants do want to know the job profile they will have in the Army, what is the day to day task they have to do after joining the Indian Army. So, here are all the Indian Army streams that a woman officer can join as of now.

In this video, we will discuss about the different corps/regiments of the Indian army that a woman can join. Many female candidates ask us the role and work women do in Indian Army. Here are 10 Streams Women Officer Can Join.

  • Corps of Army Air Defence (AAD)
  • Corps of Signals – Corps of Engineers
  • Army Aviation Corps
  • Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME)
  • Army Service Corps (ASC)
  • Army Ordnance Corps (AOC)
  • Intelligence Corps
  • Judge and Advocate General (JAG)
  • Army Educational Corps (AEC)
  • Apart from these, women also join Army Medical Corps and Army Dental Corps as an officer.

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