7 Things Indian Army Offers To A Defence Aspirant

Army Chief General Dalbir Singh and his wife Namita Suhag interacting with female officers

The armed force is not just a job that satisfies the basic needs of the people, but it gives more than what a common person expects or imagines about it. The young generation is seemed to be attracted to the glare and luster of the glamorous life and finds it hard to opt for Armed Forces. But you need to put effort to get into it and further will be a great learning experience. The life inside is overall other professions. But, what makes it different? Let’s go through the points given below to find out the difference.

  1. Challenging Life – The Armed Force provides challenge and adventure at every step and makes life more interesting and spicy. It is far different from other desk jobs and repetitive works that other jobs offer. It is a mixture of mental and physical refreshing works.
  2. Job Security – The Armed Force is known for its job security that is given to all of its soldiers. Very few such professions are left in India, which provide it. Armed Force is one of them, which not only provides pension to its retired soldiers but also gives them a backup in case of any causality during service.
  3. Faculties To Family – The privileges and facilities that the family of a soldier of the Armed Force gets are not served anywhere else. Other jobs just serve the employee with some basic facilities, but the Armed Force gives facilities to the soldiers and their families.
  4. Best Opportunity To Go Up In Sports And Education – Armed Force provides the opportunity to go ahead in education or sports activities during their tenure. This is the most exceptional facility that you get only in the Armed Force.
  5. Chance To Serve The Nation – The Armed Force gives the direct opportunity to serve the nation and work for the nation. There are serve ways to serve the nation, but Armed Force gives you the direct and the toughest job to do and to serve the nation, and only selected and deserving people get the chance to do it.
  6. A Guarantee Of Lifetime Inspiration And Motivation To Move Ahead – Mammoth motivation and inspiration and lots of knowledge is the other face of Armed Force, which it gives to its soldiers. A soldier can survive in any kind of circumstances and with any kind of people.
  7. Physical And Mental Fitness – Daily P.T. and constant engagement in different tasks keep the body of the soldier fit and mind healthy. Other jobs are more prone to health issues. But Armed Force guarantee your fitness and enhanced mental activity.

Conclusion – There is no dearth of jobs these days, but Armed Force gives a job that is above all and gives you a wide range of opportunities which makes you a perfect person and ready to act on the shots of orders. Moreover, it secures the family of soldiers and makes them free to serve the nation at every cost. That’s what makes them the toughest people of the nation and different from others.


  1. Niddana Uma Maheswari

    Indian Army Force Such a great Opportunity to servive for our Nation. Really, I'm interested to be a part of Indian army. I will get it. Thank you
  2. Uma Maheswari

    Indian Army Force Such a great Opportunity to servive for our Nation. Really, I'm interested to be a part of Indian army. I will get it. Thank you

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