8 Tips To Make A Suitable Personality For Armed Forces

Getting into the Armed Forces is all about a suitable personality that can be shaped as per their requirements. That is why SSB interview is scheduled for 5 days to analyse the complete personality of the candidate. There is no chance of mistake in the armed force. An officer is going to handle scores of soldiers. The Responsibility is high and error probability should be “zero”. So, this needs a specific personality trait. Now, the major question that arises here is how to construct that personality. We are having some points below that will explain to you about how to make a suitable personality for Armed Forces.

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  1. Be honest – Your honesty is your identity card. What you say should be what you do. A bluffer can never be an officer. Honesty in behaviour keeps the things crystal clear and imposes your perfect image on others.
  2. Let your action speak louder than your voice – Keep your voice in control and make people to judge you by your actions, rather than your voice or pitch. In SSB your actions, mind and words are analysed to decide your perfectness for the services.
  3. Be lively and happy – An officer faces several kinds of situations and circumstances in his lifetime. Your moral and your liveliness makes the situation calm and this helps the officer to handle the situation.
  4. Develop your productive interest and hobby – Your nature of working depends over your hobbies and interests. Your hobbies and interests should be productive rather than casual and time wasting like watching TV or chatting on FB, Whatsapp. If you are watching TV then watch some knowledge full shows. Productive hobbies and interest can be repairing basic machines, gathering technical knowledge, tracking, cycling, etc.
  5. Confidence is all you need – Your confidence is checked in all SSB tests. Officer means responsibility, and confidence is the factor that drives responsibility. Your mind should always keep a motto on top that nothing is impossible for you. Then you can easily track new ways to reach your destination.
  6. Control your temper – An officer is the one who controls his mind and temper in all situations. Losing temper can add problems. Your coordination with your team should be in a humble, coordinated and calm state. Try to solve problems in casual life without losing temper.
  7. Curiosity makes – Questioning and inquiring is a good habit and this enhances the experience and widens our mind’s reach. The Armed Forces need a candidate who can complete a given work/ task with the given resources. It is not always that officers get all resources they need. They have to manage the task keeping the given resources in mind. And this can be achieved with the help of prior experience. Your risk, responsibility, stamina and determination to complete the work is all that expands our experience.
  8. Do and make the task done – Your ultimate aim in Armed Forces will be to accept and make the task done on the orders of seniors. No matter how and why, your eye should be at the end of the task. Be a leader, operate your men, and make them to do the task as per your plan and stay involved in the task.

Conclusion – An officer’s personality is elite and is different from other people. They want a suitable mind for the job. It is clear that 10+2 entries are best for selection as the mind is on the route of grabbing new thing and it is easy to train them.  When it comes to the graduate entries, the probability of learning goes down and their mind takes time to get trained. So they need to train themselves to some extent. The Points mentioned above will help the candidates to specify the kind of personality they should attain. So introspect yourself and amend it as per requirement.


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