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Tips to Excel in Situation Reaction Test in SSB

What is Situation Reaction Test in SSB

During service selection board SSB interview a candidate has to phase through many tests such as physical ability tests, psychological tests, and group tasks. Situation Reaction Test (SRT) is conducted under psychological test and by name its clear Situation Reaction Test is conducted to test the reaction of a candidate for a given situation. Generally SRT test is held on the second day of SSB interviews.

Situation Reaction Test Pattern in SSB

It consists of 60 SRT that are being provided to the aspirant in a booklet and the time available is 30 minutes so there is not much time in hand and it is expected to write what an aspirant will do in a particular situation as presented in the sheet. The following tips can help in attempting the situation.

Tips to Excel in Situation Reaction Test in SSB

  • Write short and to the point responses for the given situation.
  • Never try to act like a superhero be and think like an officer only using OLQs.
  • Always put yourself in place of hero and write the response.
  • Don’t write socially acceptable responses as you might be caught at this point by the psychologist as they are expert in doing that.
  • Your image of qualities extracted by the psychologist should match with all the three assessors and the original you then only recommendation is possible.
  • Immediate action is desirable rather than futuristic stories.

Sample Solution for Situation Reaction Test in SSB

  1. You are playing in your friend’s house, when he gets stuck with a naked electric wire. You would – switch off the mains, take him to hospital.
  2. You are living in a college hostel. The dal served to you in the mess has a lot of stones. What would you do – complained to manager.
  3. In order to help poor he has keen desire. To have good collection of money, what he should do. – open NGO and conduct shows for charity.
  4. You are travelling by bus engine catches fire. You. – evacuated the bus and put off the fire. 
  5. In order to produce better results in his organization what measures he should take. – Effective and stress free learning.
  6. He was going for the SSB and on the way he saw a person seriously injured and nobody was there to help him .He. – helped him, took to hospital, and informed in his home.
  7. He was playing out door and his brother got seriously injured and it started to rain heavily. He. – took him to hospital by car.
  8. You are serving under two senior officers who always give conflicting orders. –  brought it to notice of senior most officer.
  9. Your bathroom tap is leaking and is a constant source of irritating noise. You would – repair it on my own.
  10. You heard rumours that enemy is likely to attack the country. As a serving soldier what u do. – will be ready to neutralize the attack.

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