Top 10 Manners And Morals To Enhance Personality

Personality is not just about your physical appearance, it takes a long time to make your content. For say if you look at any well-groomed plant, then its colour, its strength, its content in every consideration is not possible without a rich fertile soil, habitual environment, etc…so it not just about the water and the sun, it’s about minute things that make it contended. The same goes with personality, it is somewhere dependent upon our psychology and mentality.

Here I have enlisted and briefly explained some of the etiquettes that an aspirant should develop in order to create a better impression in SSB Interviews.

1. POSITIVE PERCEPTION: Analyze your life with a positive perception. Don’t just start blaming God, parents, the system, etc for your current situation. Though it is possible that sometimes we are not responsible for our condition, that doesn’t mean we are going to get stuck there forever. Analyze the situation, and approach positively, and then implement smartly. Remember, it’s about how you end it.

2. CONTROL YOUR TEMPER: Master your aggression. You must know when, where, and how to apply your aggression. Teenagers and youths like us often boast of their anger, with a myth in mind that they would be considered strong by others but unfortunately ends up losing their own dignity.

3. EMPATHETIC WORDS: Empathy Is the “ability to understand the feeling of others”.The meaning says it all.” I can understand” is never going to satisfy the chaos of emotion in the person on the other side. You ought to think of the scenario from their perception. One of the OLQ is Group Influencing Ability, which is a must quality of an officer.

4. RESPECT FOR YOUR TEACHERS: Do thank your teachers if you are able to read this blog. Always remember that no matter if you are in 1st standard 12th standard or a graduate with a gold medal in academics, you are near above your teachers.

5. RESPECT YOUR PARENTS: No education system can teach you manners and develop Moral values in you more than your parents can. You are having an internet connection, clothes to wear, and above all patience…and a sense of what you need to improve as you are going through this blog :p They made the foundation of your education, etiquettes, career, and almost everything that matters in your life. A true example of selfless love. Like sun and water, your father and mother are much-needed support for your growth. Show them your respect, love, and care the way they do for you.

6. LEARN FROM EVERYTHING: Nature is full of inspiration. What you need to have is the attitude to learn something good from what you see. Look at the efforts made by ants to fulfill their needs, learn from the enthusiasm of kids…they are always excited to learn something new. And there is infinite no of experience shared by professionals over different issues of our life. Take experience from the experience of others.

7. TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET TREATED: Enough has been said about this, Newton’s 3rd law states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction “ Your behavior towards others will boomerang you someday, even if not, assume it would….in order to make yourself a better human.

8. LOVE AND RESPECT FOR OPPOSITE GENDER: None among us is superior by birth on the basis of gender. HE should be man-ly enough that she feels safe and strengthened around him and she should be resolute enough to make him feel her presence to calm down a bit frightened child in him which is overshadowed by his tough outdoors. So, looking for an answer for who is superior is nothing less than counting stars.

9. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING HONEST AND BEING BLUNT: There is a thin line between being honest and being blunt that we often cross. “you are not correct, according to me “ is an honest reply… “ you are wrong” is being blunt. Give an honest reply but don’t hit too hard. Share your views but don’t impose them on others.

10. DISCIPLINE YOUR MIND, BODY, AND SOUL: Discipline is not just about walking in line and reaching on time. Discipline is when your mind directs your body to walk in the wrong lane, it’s when you stand straight in assembly when a long speech is being delivered from the stage, it’s when you attentively listen to others without showing negative gestures indicating a lack of interest. It should be in your conscience. You can observe an officer for better understanding. 

“Fake it till you make it”, I’ve read these words in an old post of SSBCRACK only. Which exactly describes what you are supposed to do. Portrait yourself as an officer in your mind and you’ll naturally develop most of the OLQs. But on the other hand, don’t forget that you are still not an officer, So keep your feet on the ground and surely one day we will be able to hold our head high.

By Adil Ahmad Sindhi

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