Top 10 anti-aircraft missile systems in the World

A nation’s defence against incoming missiles, such as intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) or other ballistic missiles, is provided by missile defence systems. Systems for missile defence have been created by the US, Russia, India, France, Italy, Israel, UK, China, and Iran.

Top 10 best anti aircraft missile systems in the World

A system that offers defence against any form of missile (conventional or nuclear) launched by any nation is referred to as a “missile defence system” in the broadest sense. A missile defence system is any device that can find and then shoot down a missile before it can do any damage.

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Defending against nuclear missiles has long been a contentious military and political issue. However, the ability to intercept strategic nuclear missiles is no longer the exclusive function of missile defence. The distinction between methods for intercepting tactical missiles—typically short to intermediate range with non-nuclear payloads—and those for intercepting strategic missiles has become more hazy as a result of the progressive development and dissemination of missile technology (usually long ranged with nuclear payloads). In conflict zones, high-performance tactical ballistic missiles with non-nuclear payloads can now change the strategic balance. High-performance tactical missile defence systems can also now affect how forces are deployed.

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In this article we will see what are the top 10 best anti-aircraft missiles in the world are

10. Iron Dome – This movable all-weather short-range air defence system was created in Israel. The iron dome is made to stop ballistic missiles, including artillery rounds and Scud artillery rockets, that are launched up to 70 kilometres distant. E1 M20 184 is the name of the system’s radar, which locates and follows targets.

Iron Dome
Iron Dome

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9. Barak-8 (MR SAM) – Israel Aerospace Industries and the Indian Defence Research and Development Organization jointly created this medium-range surface-to-air missile system for the Indian Air Force and Indian Army. The MR-SAM system was created to intercept drones, helicopters, and hostile aircraft missiles at ranges up to 70 kilometres.

Barak 8 MR SAM
Barak-8 (MR SAM)

8. Medium Extended Air Defence System (MEADS) – A ground-based air and missile defence system jointly developed by Germany and the United States is the medium-range air defence system. Two of the world’s most powerful nations are the United States and Italy. The main goal of the MEADS is to defend important infrastructure and manoeuvre forces from aircraft, chopper, unmanned aerial systems (UAVs), tactical and short-range ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles. It is armed with 12 missiles and has a 40-kilometer range.

Medium Extended Air Defence System MEADS
Medium Extended Air Defence System (MEADS)

7. Aster 30 SAMP/T – An unsuccessful long-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile armament system called the Aster 30 SAMP/T was created by eros AM, a joint venture between MBDA France and Italy. It is a long-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapon system that has a range of up to 120 kilometres and can attack heavier aircraft. There are 30 tested missiles in each launch vehicle.

Aster 30 SAMP T
Aster 30 SAMP/T

6. Hong Qi 9 (HQ-9) – A variety of aircraft, including helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), cruise missiles, air-to-ground missiles, guided bombs, and theatre ballistic missiles with medium to long ranges can all be intercepted by this Chinese air defence missile system. Using a multitude of radar sensors, the HQ nine can detect a wide range of targets, including ballistic missiles and stealth objects. H200 mobile engagement radar system and HT to double three engagement radars might make up a battery.

Hong Qi 9 HQ 9
Hong Qi 9 (HQ-9)
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5. MIM-104 Patriot – The US Army and numerous Allies use the MIM-104 Patriot, a long-range, all-altitude, all-weather air defence system, to counter tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and cutting-edge aircraft. The system’s central phased array tracking radar (a and MP q 53) is utilised to intercept targets. The missile system uses a high-explosive fragmentation h EF r AG warhead to increase the kill probability.

MIM 104 Patriot
MIM-104 Patriot

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4. THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) – A hit-to-kill mechanism will be used by the American anti-ballistic missile defence system known as the terminal high altitude area defence to intercept short, medium, and intermediate-range ballistic missiles in their terminal phase. The maximum range of the AN/TPY-2 radar or other missile is 200 kilometres.

THAAD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense
THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense)

3. S-300VM (Antey-2500) – Russian S-300VM (Antey-2500) anti-ballistic missile system with mobile surface-to-air missile capability. It is made to combat fixed-wing aircraft, loitering ECM systems, cruise missiles, short- and medium-range ballistic missiles, and precision-guided munitions.

S 300VM Antey 2500
S-300VM (Antey-2500)

2. David’s Sling – The biblical story of David and Goliath is where the term David’s Sling originates. It is a full-fledged air defence system made to withstand a variety of air and missile attacks. Advanced defence systems, an Israeli defence contractor, is creating it.

Davids Sling
David’s Sling

1. S-400 Triumph – Currently, the Russian and the Indian Armed Forces are using this. The 92N2E tombstone and 91N6E engagement radar systems are used in this portable surface-to-air missile and anti-ballistic system. The S400 Triumph uses the 48 and 6 missile series, which has a range of up to 250 kilometres and can destroy airborne targets and intercept ballistic missiles with 143 high-explosive fragmentation warheads.

S 400 Triumph
S-400 Triumph

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