What is Group Planning Exercise and Tips To Do well in GPE

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As we all are aware of the fact that the GTO task contains nine different tasks, which are full of enthusiasm and physical activities. Among those various exciting tasks, one is Group Planning Exercise. Today, we will be looking at Group Planning Exercise and what we could do to perform well in it.

Group Planning Exercise

As the thing is a little bit clear from the name itself, more or less, this task is related to do some planning with the group, and that’s what the task is all about. The task is conducted with the full group at a time, usually after the two group discussion rounds. In this task, candidates are provided with a situation with some problems, and they have to solve them effectively with proper planning. A mapping model (Sometimes 3D) is also kept in front of them, depicting the whole scenario. Firstly, GTO reads the whole situation for candidates besides covering and explaining the map model. After that, cards are circulated to all the candidates for 5 minutes so that they can read it by themselves and propose ideas to solve it. Later, candidates have to write their ideas about their approach to solve those problems within the time frame of (10-15) Minutes. Generally, there are 4-5 problems, and approximately 10 to 15 minutes have been provided to write them on the paper. After this, candidates have to discuss and come up with a common solution at the end.

Tips for performing well in GPE

  • First of all, when the GTO is explaining the situations, do listen to them properly and understand the model too. Always clear your doubts before the task starts as it might become a problem during the task.
  • In GPE, Candidates are always provided with a certain amount of problems. Among those situations, some need to be solved quickly while others are not that much urgent. Always select your Problem Preference wisely as it shows your logical awareness towards problem-solving.
  • While dividing teams for or the given tasks, do it properly and only give the sufficient number of candidates for a particular task as needed. There is no need for giving extra candidates to a problem as needed. This shows the problem-solving ability of candidates and good organizing abilities.
  • You have to be as Observative as you can. Think solutions to problems while keeping the whole map in mind and never forgot to use every possible resource present around you. With resources, you can mean vehicles, tools, humans and others.
  • There would always be different ways or routes to go for solving a problem. Always choose the best one suited for the situations and also, which takes the minimum time to do that work Effectively. This is your awareness of the tasks.
  • Always try to complete the task during the given time interval. Not only this, planning things in a way which will save time is the best possible things to do. This shows your time management skills.
  • While solving a problem, try to solve it from the root instead of putting it on somebody else. Take the responsibility on your shoulders and complete the work.
  • Though, Practsing and solving various example situations of GPE before the SSB would surely help to have the edge over other candidates in the real situation.

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