What Should You Have To Become An Officer?

We need to remember that we should not only possess OLQ’s only when we face SSB interview but we should continuously inherit and practice the notion then only our psychology reflects the same there at SSB. These are the characteristics that are being looked at,

What Should You Have To Become An Officer?What Should You Have To Become An Officer

  • Passion to perform at any circumstances
  • Speaking something which is logical, and involves rational thinking of yours
  • Friendly behaviour when in a team
  • Feeling comfortable when working in a team
  • Accepting challenges and facing them boldly
  • Appropriate aptitude and its application in various phases of life
  • Leadership at its best, leadership in no case means ordering others but to live with success of others and appreciating the people giving onus of success to them
  • Confidence should be reflected in all of the things done
  • Cooperation is needed as there might be situations where you have to put down your decisions and constructively take or accept others decision
  • Complex problems will be part of life in many phases, you should know them how to face them boldly
  • Ability to make complex things easy with the application of brain and logic
  • Strong will that cannot be shaken even by the strongest wind
  • Adjusting in limited resources and enjoying the luxury if they are available in abundance, hence resourcefulness and adjustment in all the situations is needed
  • Faith of group on you should be there else you won’t be the choice to do the work
  • Clarity of concepts of every phase you are passing by

Specifically these are the qualities we show in our daily life and here are some situations we generally pass by. I am quite sure all the aspirants have them and in fact every human being possesses them, the difference lies whether we recognise and use them at the appropriate time. Believe me you are just a few step away from your dream, SSB is such a simple exam where you have to just demonstrate what you are, no special gyaan as in other exam or nothing else. Keep practicing and working hard.

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