Will UPSC Postpone NDA 1 2021 Exam? [Updated]

Many NDA aspirants who are going to appear for the NDA 1 2021 written exam are wondering if the NDA 1 2021 exam will be conducted on 18th April 2021 or UPSC is going to postpone the NDA 1 2021 exam? Today the government has postponed the CBSE 12th and 10th board exams due to a spike in COVID-19 cases. Amid the growing chorus for the cancellation of CBSE Board Examinations due to the record spike in Covid-19 cases in India, the govt has decided to postpone the CBSE Class 12 board exams and cancel the Class 10 exams.

Many of us are wondering if the NDA 1 2021 exam will be postponed on similar grounds. There is a high chance of NDA 1 2021 getting postponed due to the serious spike in COVID cases across the country, though there is no official update by UPSC on postponing the NDA 1 2021 exam till now.

SSBCrack will keep an eye on the NDA 1 2021 exam and get all the updates related to it. We suggest NDA aspirants be ready for the NDA 1 2021 exam till any official announcement is made by the UPSC.


  1. Abhishek kumar

    Sir please postpone the NDA exam because weekend lockdown
  2. Anwesha

    Please postpone NDA 2021 because Chandigarh Adminstration have declared Weekend lockdown, who we will go to the examination center? My brother is giving examination
  3. Siddhant dubey

    It should not be postponed 🙏 plzzz
  4. Nageshvaryogi

    Please do upsc staff, do not cancle this exam, because all the students have reached their center, I am also one of them very big requests.
    1. Siddhant

  5. Nageshvaryogi

    Please do upsc staff, do not cancle this exam, because all the students have reached their center, I am also one of the very big requests.
    1. Prasoon

      Ssb crack please ssb postpone karwao yaar Kuch karo please
      1. Anil Tigga

        During this time in our state and district has been lock down then, how we will go to exam centre,so please be postpone this time it's our request sir.
  6. Neelesh Jha

    It should be
  7. Sahil

    Please postponed the exam there is no chance to reach the centre due high covid-19 pandemic
  8. Yuvraj Singh

    Plz pospond nda exam 2021 as it's too hard to reach center in other city in this covid situation 🙏🙏🙏
    1. Dhairya

      Yes you are right . My center is in Delhi and there cases reached to 18000 per day. The government imposed curfew on weekend
  9. Bhuvy

    Please postpone NDA 2021,,why commission is taking so much time to reply the students... Please postpone this exam bcz we can't risk of our lives.... We r not talking about cancelling...just postpone it for 1 or 2 months.... CBSE,RBSE,NEET PG , AIRMAN X&Y,MPSC,MPPSC,,,these many exams havealready postponed bcz they know the situation.. On 18 th april there is two sessions of exam.. My exam is at Jaipur and i m from BARMER,,, mean while Jaipur is biggest hotspot in Rajasthan...... Please postpone postpone postpone....
  10. Anitha

    Pls postpone the date as soon as possible b'coz can't reach to the exam center due to present situation pls help and postpone the date
  11. Archit

    Exam should be postponed many students are facing problem to reach in the exam centre and many students are corona +ve and they have last chance so they'll also come to attend exam this will create a carrier and this should be concern the authorities are not listening So please @ssbcrack kindly sppport in the favour of postponement of exam we dont want to appear in tge centre when the covid cases are crossing 202k+ cases
    1. ASHISH

      The exam no need to postpond bcz we waiting for it so many days ago We can obey covid 19 protocols but we want to give the exam
      1. Rohit joshi

        Are bhai hamare yha pe weekends pe lockdown hai toh btao hum exams kaise de???
  12. Amit nda aspirant

    It should not postponed.we are ready with full protection
  13. MA noj VERMA

    Pls postponed the exam as centre has already cancel or postpond the exam , most of the parent
  14. Johny Jangid

    I Think NDA I must be postponed as the daily excessive growth in covid cases and lack of transportation in this pandemic and centre of far distances many have residing in covid riser places and want to postpone it
    1. Jeet Sarkar

      18th April NDA exam will be postponed?
  15. Navneetram

    Like other competitive exams I think this is the right decision to postpone the exam I am safe and covid negative but what about those who are covid positive or have covid positive patient in their homes.... Like an airforce exam is postpone I don't know when it will conduct I hope It will conduct on time otherwise like the last year we shall lose our one more attempt for airforce ...... Please upsc don't take so much time to take relevant decision because everything is front of your eyes !!
    1. Devashish

      What the non sense you are talking? We have given all our exams in covid. You follow the guidelines and give the exam. What the problem in it. Those who dont study always says that exams should be postponed. If you would have studied properly, you would say Ot should not be postponed. Secondly, you are not social worker, what about those who are covid positive. Govt. Have high officials to think for that.
      1. Rohit joshi

        Brother in my city there is weekend lockdown so please tell me how could I give my exam???
    2. ASHISH

      We think the exam no need to postponed bcz covid 19 dosage are there with us and we need follow the guideline if we postpond the exam due to covid then we donot know when it will over for that reason we cannot destroy our aim bcz we all know about the age limit also if the exam will postpond this time also then one another. Year is minus from age limit so plz no need to postpond the exam
  16. Navneetram

    My name is navneet .... Today I am very upset due to covid surge ... How I will reach my centre because my centre is in Delhi there is a complete weekend lockdown on Delhi those who are the same exam centre like me how they will give their exam ,many of them have their last chance ,many of them are covid positive but still they want to give their exam ..... Please I want upsc will take the right decision on that !!!
  17. samratsinh bhandari

    i am covid positive how will i go for exam nda should be postponed

    Nda 1st 2021 paper postpone hon hi chahiye.
  19. Aayush

    Yas it's should be postponed
  20. Indian

    Bagwan kare postpone na ho aur covid case bhi ghate... 😟😟😟🥺🥺🥺🥺
  21. aman

    we shuld be prepared.
    1. Priyam

      You will die at the exam centre bcoz on one person will follow the guidelines at exam centre
  22. rahul lohia

    postpone nda please
  23. Rana

    Should be postponed pls..
    1. Parveen

      Postponed please
      1. Kaustubh Singh

        God please postponed the NDA 1 2021 till corona is spreading.
        1. Gaurav patel

          Please postponed NDA1 2021 Exam because centre of many students is so far and they are unable to attend the exam so please I request to upsc to postpone
        2. Shukla

          It should be postponed due to the problems arriving for the transport due to covid pandemics
        3. Navin kumar singh

          Please postpone upsc NDA 1 2021 exam due to this covid pandemic because most of cities suffering from critical situation due to rapidly increasing of corona virus🦠😷 if any candidate found positive in examination hall than aal candidate will be infected so upsc should postpone the NDA exam
    2. Bindu c. K

      Pls infom if the date of exam changed
  24. Abhishek Gautam

    Exam should be postponed
    1. Aman Pandey

      No bro
      1. Parkash

        Aise situation main postponed Krna hee sahi hoga
        1. Shubham Tiwari

          Nhi brother
          1. Gaurav patel

            Please postponed NDA1 2021 Exam because centre of many students is so far and they are unable to attend the exam so please I request to upsc to postpone
  25. Aman Pandey

    Sir paper postponed hoga ya fir ye aafvah h
    1. Puneet Kumar

      Exam should be postponed
    2. Navneetram

      No upsc has not been declared any new regarding to postpone the exam yet so please I think it is on processing to take decision on that ....I hope everything is in favour brother
  26. jai deep

    please postpone
    1. Aman Pandey

      Postponed hoga paper
      1. PK

        Hn yehi lgta h
    1. Hari

      Due to very rare situation it must be postponed Saving student are necessary not xam

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