Women Candidates Dress Code in SSB Interview

Women candidates who are going to face SSB interview must read their SSB call letters carefully and carry all necessary items in SSB interview as mentioned in the SSB call letter. Dress code is very important during SSB interview process. Here are some dressing guidelines for our women aspirants who are going to appear in the SSB, for the kind of dress which can be worn. Although we have seen people coming in jeans and tees getting through and pure formals getting out, so it’s your performance that matters the most, but your dress completes your personality.

Women Candidates Dress Code in SSB Interview 

For Screening Day

You can wear formal trouser/jeans along with a smart shirt or a decent top or even salwar-kurta, or jeans-kurti, you can wear sport shoes or formal shoes as your wish. There is no such necessity to wear formal attire for screening but it’s better and safer since you have to appear in front of the Board members. For Psychological Tests: In this you can wear anything decent, like western or Indian as per your wish.

For GT Series

  It is explicitly mentioned to wear white sports kit. You can wear a white sports lower (if you are not finding one buy a black/grey sports lower, but do try hard for a white one), white polo T-shirts are best option for uppers, you can go for a tracksuit as well. Don’t forget to take a windcheater or any jacket if your SSB falls in winter time. Women are allowed to wear even white salwar along with white kurta and I have seen some wearing white shorts as well, along with white t-shirt. Get a white sport shoes and practice running in that so you are comfortable, white tennis (school PT shoes) are cheap and best, if you a shoe with some tint of other color it is acceptable.

For Interview and conference

  Be very particular about wearing formal attire in interview & conference. Formal can be Western or Indian. Wear light colored shirt and dark trouser if you going for a western formal, don’t wear very fancy clothes, and be simple and decent. You can wear a salwar-kurta for Indian, make sure to wear proper and normal salwar and no chudidar’s or leggings, they don’t qualify as formals, only simple salwar which are included in school dresses are formals, try to wear a simple cotton suit, with no fancy works etc. You must accompany your dress with proper formal shoes, which must be in black color, wear a black socks (in western attires), don’t go for heeled shoes, only a minimal heel is acceptable. You can put a necktie if you are wearing a western formal (optional). Even sarees are permissible. Wear the clothes in which you are comfortable. For e.g.: don’t go for Western formals if you are not habitual and comfortable in it, Interview is a long time process hence you must be comfortable in your dress.   For other purposes, mess etc.: Remember you will not be allowed in slippers outside your room, so carry a sandal or shoe which you can easily put up at fall-in time or while going for mess. Carry decent clothes which are according to the season.

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