10 Tips To Score More Marks In OIR Test

It is very well said that a good start always and ensures a great ending. With this thought in the context of OIR, already shows its importance in the whole SSB procedure.

OIR test is conducted on the very first day of SSB before the screening test. The test is taken in two phases where candidates have to solve two question papers which comes under two sections of verbal and nonverbal reasoning. Usually, Each paper consists of approximately 40-50 questions, and the time limit is approximately from 15-25 minutes. Candidates have to mark their answers in an OMR sheet where they can also do rough work on space provided. There is no negative marking in this test.

Though students do not usually take this test seriously but it plays a very vital role in the screening procedure. The marks of the OIR test are also considered very important for the screening part. So, seeing its importance, here I will be discussing ten tips using which one can score good marks in it.

1.Go through whole syllabus and Understanding it

As I have said it before also while preparing for any exam one should know the whole syllabus so that it could become easy for him to maintain records about his preparations. Same applies here, knowing the whole syllabus of verbal and nonverbal reasoning would help candidates to practice questions chapter wise. Not only this, it can save their time in solving the quality of questions.

2.Good Book Selection

For Any exams, books play an essential role and can be very vital in deciding whether a candidate will be chosen or not. So, one should take good books references from adequate resources as it would help them in exam preparations.

3.Fast calculation

In the paper, candidates will be getting so many questions where calculation would be required in one or the other way. So, you need to be able to calculate them fast as it will save your time and you can attempt more question. Therefore, a fast calculation is a type of must in this exam.

4.Time management

As generally in this paper candidates are not able to solve all questions due to lesser time present. So, they have to strictly follow some time management policy regarding paper which will help them to solve questions on time.

5.Do Not stuck on difficult problems

There will be questions that require a much larger time to solve. Candidate should not get stuck in these type of difficult problems. Instead, they can attempt first the easy ones and later can come back to these problems. It will save their time as well as help them to attempt more questions.

6.Practice More

It is well known that Practice makes a man perfect. The more you will practice the questions related to paper, the more you will have a grip on them. It helps you to score good marks in the test. It also increases precision and accuracy.

7.Mark All Answers

As we know that there is no such negative marking in this paper, the candidate should always try to attempt all the questions given in the paper. Might the condition will come that candidates will not be able to solve all the question, but at least they can mark their guesses at the end so that they can get more questions right.

8.Learn from previous experience

As it is observed that the booklets provided by every SSB for reasoning test is the same and is not replaced for years. So, when someone goes for any SSB, and later they get chance to appear again in the same SSB, they should remember what type of questions were asked on large-scale so that they can prepare them this time and score high marks. Also, candidates could take advice from other persons who went there so that they can also tell you the concepts.

9.Pre Preparations

Also, most of the time in verbal reasoning, the order of alphabets with numbering is required. So, candidates can write them initially on the rough space provided before the test begins as it will save their time, and they can smoothly perform the questions.

10.Initially Ignore the Maths Problems

Surely there will be some question which comes from a maths background and would require a good calculation which might take a lot of time. It is always advisable to leave those questions for the last so that you will not miss any easy questions and after that later you can finish it.

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