20 Things Every NDA Cadet Can Relate To

NDA Pune is a dream place for all young defence aspirants, joining NDA Pune is not only tough but going through the training at NDA Pune is something that cadets can never forget. Here we are summing up 20 points that every NDA cadet can relate to. If you are one of them do let us know if we are correct.

1. You meet someone for the first time and before you ask him what his name is you ask Which squadron? Which course?

2. Deep down, every techie wishes he was a non-techie.

3. You’re walking with friends down MG Road and realise that as much as you try, your straight line somehow always becomes a ‘squad’.

4. Guys with girlfriends are losers until a day before the NDA ball.

5. You are asked to recite the phonetic symbol and you go ALPHA..BRAVO… … GOLF..HUNTER.. ‘OH..sorry sir..I meant hotel’.

6. You know the number of bulbs, fans, tube lights, glasses, and the length, breadth, and height of every major building in the NDA but can’t seem to remember how many Battles of Panipat there were.

7. You laugh every time you watch MAJOR SAAB.

8. You know where heaven is and it’s called MH.

9. You can live on a biscuit a day.

10. You can sleep anywhere, anyhow, at any time, and in any position.

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11. Nobody falls sick on Saturdays and Sundays but 237 people fall sick the night before Drill-Pt.

12. Never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lie down, never stay awake when you can sleep.

13. Eat every meal like it’s your last.

14. LASSI is not a drink.

15. Cold coffee is THE drink.

16. A 5-star gold torchee is commendable but being a consistent 3 pointer for 6 terms puts you amongst the Gods.

17. A day before the NDA ball you are on MG Road and willing to do anything..and I mean ANYTHING to get a ball partner.

18. The words Bhaand, tant, kadu, tambi, speci, att c, lmc are not foreign to you.

19. Nobody wants to be a map reader.

20. You can eat anything, anywhere, anyhow.



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