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Tributes Paid to Lokmanya Tilak on his Jayanti

  • Born as Keshav Gangadhar Tilak on 23rd July 1856, was an Indian nationalist, teacher, and an independence activist.
  • He was one third of the Lal Bal Pal triumvirate.
  • Played crucial role in Swadeshi Movement and Indian Home Rule League.
  • “Swarajya is my birthright, and I shall have it! “- Tilak

Tributes Paid to Chandra Shekhar Azad on his Jayanti

  • Chandra Shekhar Tiwari, known popularly as Chandrashekhar Azad was born on 23rd July 1906.
  • Reorganized the Hindustan Republican Association (HRA) under its new name of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA) after the death of its founder, Ram Prasad Bismil.
  •  He was involved in the Kakori Train Robbery of 1925, the shooting of J. P. Saunders at Lahore in 1928 to avenge the killing of Lala Lajpat Rai etc.

6.44 crore persons Provided Employment in Current Financial Year

  • Ministry of Rural Development informed that in the current financial year till 21ST of July, as many as 6.44 crore persons have been provided employment and more than 127.87 crore person- days have been generated under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.
  • During previous financial year 2020-21, 11.19 crore persons were provided employment and more than 389 crore person – days were generated.

National Broadcasting Day Celebrated

  • The first radio broadcast was made on July 23, 1927, from Bombay Station. The station was then owned by a private company called the Indian Broadcasting Company.
  • The Government took over the broadcasting on April 1, 1930 and renamed it as Indian State Broadcasting Service (ISBS).
  • It was initially on an experimental basis. Later it permanently came under government control in 1932.
  • On 8th of June 1936, the Indian State Broadcasting Service became All India Radio. Currently, AIR is one of the largest public broadcasting organisations in the world.

Cabinet Approves for ‘Central University of Ladakh’

  • A fortnight ahead of Second Anniversary of announcement of UT Status to Ladakh, the Centre made two big announcements for the region.
  • Cabinet approvals for Central University and establishment of an integrated multi-purpose infrastructure development corporation for Ladakh, would be milestones for Ladakh development.
  • Ladakh Lieutenant Governor R.K. Mathur said, 750 crore rupees Central University will be established in Khaltsi in Leh.

Global Survey on Digital & Sustainable Trade Facilitation

  • India has scored 90.32 per cent in United Nation’s Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific, UNESCAP’s latest Global Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation.
  • The survey hails this as a remarkable jump from 78.49 per cent in 2019.
  • India has achieved a 100 per cent score for the Transparency index and 66 per cent in the Women in trade component.
  • Conducted for every two years by UNESCAP. The 2021 Survey includes an assessment of 58 trade facilitation measures covered by the WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement.
  • The survey notes that India is the best performing country when compared to South and Southwest Asia region and Asia Pacific region.


  • United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) was Established in________?
  • 1995
  • 1996
  • 1997
  • 1998


  • Which of the following organization led the foundation towards the formation of the international society nations?
  • League of Nations
  • United Nations
  • International UN Federation
  • International Institution


  • Which organization is termed as “a Child of War”?
  • UNO
  • League of Nations
  • WHO


  • When was the ILO established?
  • 1942
  • 1927
  • 1919
  • 1930


  • Which of the following place is the headquarters of IMF (International Monetary Fund)?
  • Geneva
  • Paris
  • Washington
  • Hague


  • When was the United Nations adopted the Charter of Economic Rights?
  • December 1980
  • December 1964
  • December 1974
  • December 1976


  • Which Conference adopted the United Nations Charter on 26th January 1945?
  • London Conference
  • Tokyo Conference
  • San Francisco Conference
  • None of the above


  • Under whom recommendations the UN General Assembly suspends the UN membership?
  • UNSC
  • UNGA
  • UNDP


  • The General Assembly of the United Nations have designated 1992 as ________.
  • International Child Year
  • International Space Year
  • International year of the Family
  • International year of Literacy


  • Who had given the “Fourteen Point” programme for the formation of League of Nations?
  • Williamson
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Sam Kutesa
  • Woodrow Wilson


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