6 Insane Military Training Designed To Break Even The Best

A military trainer’s main function is to make a soldier out of you because you are being prepared for combat. In this is training, death only happens by accident while fear and pain, are dished out totally. Not only does the training break you mentally, but also makes you more strong.

Here are some insane army training regimen from around the world that is designed to break even the toughest of soldiers:

“Hell Week” – Indian Special Forces

As a part of their probation, the selected SF soldiers of India are made to go sleepless for an entire week and are allowed only limited rest each day. And along with this, they have to run, jog, crawl, prepare meals and do everything.

Insane Military Training
Indian PARA SF

3 years of rigorous training – India

While most of the military training around the world only lasts for 1 year or 2, India’s National Defence Academy takes in young blood – straight out of teenage to train them for 3 whole years and prepare them for the pre-commission training academy where they train for another year. So, 4 whole years of their lives, will be spent on military training.

NDA Passed Out Cadets
NDA Passed Out Cadets

Taking a live bullet – Russia

The Russian specialized confidence training requires a soldier to take a bullet. While they do wear bulletproof vests, some of them get injured. This training teaches the soldier to quickly react with a counter fire despite of taking a hit.


64 km in 20 hours – United Kingdom

As a part of selection/probation for UKs Special Air Services, the recruits are sent to an unknown location and are told to cover in 64 km in 20 hours while carrying a 30 kg weight, with just a water bottle. On their way, the police and armed services attempt to capture and disqualify them.

UKs Special Air Services Required 64 km Run in 20 Hours
UKs Special Air Services Required 64 km Run in 20 Hours

Passing live grenade – China

The People’s Liberation Army of China passes a live grenade with the pin pulled out before the last person throws it in a hole for a contained explosion wherein they have to cover themselves to save from the debris. It does not only instill discipline but also makes the person more careful and attentive while dealing with live ammunition.

Chinese Soldiers Playing Hot Potato With Live Grenade
Chinese Soldiers Playing Hot Potato With Live Grenade

Shirtless snow fights – South Korea

Most soldiers run, play sports and do all sorts of activities to stay fit and acclimatize themselves to a new posting. But imagine going shirtless in a cold place like Leh and doing all these activities. Soldiers of South Korea and China are made to go shirtless in temperatures as low as -30 degrees wherein they play, fight and run.

South Korean Soldiers Playing Shirtless in Snow
South Korean Soldiers Playing Shirtless in Snow

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  1. Mahindhan L S

    Sir, Hell week is a part US BUD/S training. In India, we have all the series of special forces training remains classified. Correct me if I'm wrong

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