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6 Ways to Build Confidence in Public Speaking

Confidence is the most crucial thing that is accessed and observed by the SSB crew. The leader has to stay confident to motivate his team as the engine has to...

Confidence is the most crucial thing that is accessed and observed by the SSB crew. The leader has to stay confident to motivate his team as the engine has to stay firm to pull the train. Our GTO tasks and personal interview scans your confidence level.

Speaking confidently is a problem for many candidates that takes them down. But it can be brought to the required level. There is always a solution to a problem. So to solve this problem, we are here with some common remedies that need smart and dedicated efforts to equalize your confidence level.

1. Participating In Lecture Or Debate Competitions – The best way to make yourself confident in public speaking is to participate in debate, discussion, and lecture competitions. These competitions require prior preparation and a confident approach with a controlled mind to perform well and will remove your hesitation in speaking in public. It is always said that “Great speakers always rules”, for examples PM Narendra Modi, Hitler, and many more.

2. Speaking In Front Of The Mirror – The easiest way to escalate your speaking skills and confidence in front of a group of people is to speak in front of the mirror, watching yourself in the mirror. It can be done at home and need the least number of resources. But dedicated efforts are required to get expected results. Make eye contact with your image in the mirror and talk to yourself.

3. Reading The Newspaper Loudly – The basic problem that aspirants encounter in SSB is that they find it hard to speak fluently in English in SSB, especially in interview and GTO tasks. Reading the newspaper loudly at home will further improve your English speaking skills and will help you in speaking efficiently in SSB.

4. Talking In Social Groups – Talking in social groups will make you confident in putting your ideas and thoughts in front of a group of people. Another merit of it is that it will improve your listening skills and your way to respond to it confidently in your group. Social groups teach you how to frequently convert your thoughts into words and how to respond and react positively to others’ arguments.

5. Correct Gestures: You should have the correct style of delivering a speech. You have to keep their interest till the end so that they listen to you attentively. Try to end and begin the speech appropriately. The first impression is the best impression. Also, avoid sudden endings. Your gestures should be natural and impressive. Avoid acting like a clown on the platform. Your errors can be spotted by delivering your speech before your parents and ask them to note down your faults. Next time you try to improve your speech. This will make a steady improvement.

6. Practicing by Speaking In Front Of Friends – Your friends can be a source of practice to increase your confidence. Speak in front of them will make you feel comfortable and they can easily point out the problems that you are making in your speech. They will provide the best platform for you to bring up your confidence level in public speaking.

Conclusion – Confidence is required to live life like a leader and it matters a lot when it comes to becoming an Armed Forces Officer. The first way of interaction of the officer with the team is by effective and confident speaking and that is deeply analyzed in the SSB. It just takes the first step to bring the confidence up, once you conquer shyness, you can speak out your thoughts freely without any hesitation in front of the crowd staring at you.

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