6 Ways To Excel In Group Planning Exercise At SSB

GTO, the days which are fixed for physical tasks to access the actions of the candidates. The tasks here also depends on the performance of the mind linked with the body. When the GTO day starts the first task faced by a group discussion and the second task is GPE i.e. group progressive exercise. The second task is a mixture of planning, discussion, and resource management. This task sometimes causes problems for candidates during the discussion and during the personal planning process. Here also some tips and tricks that works here to ease the candidates in facing and performing better in the task.

  1. Listen and read the plan carefully – The description and the printed instructions give the correct idea and hints to solve the problem. When the officer is reading out and describing the scene, concentrate over the map and make a virtual environment and it will become easy for you to make a suitable plan, read that plan, and classify the resources, problems, helping material, and the priority of problems.
  2. Basic Social Knowledge – Some problems in the GPE need social knowledge, considerably deep knowledge to solve the problem. This knowledge helps you to prioritize the problem and the usage of some resources in the correct way. Lack of social knowledge can lead to a weaker solution or an ineffective solution. Social knowledge helps in identifying the hidden resources in the map and plan.
  3. Correct Priority makes the Point – The problems given in the GPE need to classify correctly on the basis of the correct response on correct timing. The basic formula of classifying is to give first priority to the life second to the material damages and red herring is just to distract you. Giving much hype to red herring is time wastage. When judging the priority in problems having life problems, then firstly handle the situation that needs immediate action and secondly to that which has some time to happen. Perfect use of Resources – The plan has many resources to use, from human force to the passing by vehicles. What’s necessary is to use them in a perfect way that fulfills the need for the actions? Using resources in a judicious way takes you out of the problems or can take you into more such problems. Even villages, towns, and buildings are also a center of resources.
  4. Patterned way to write the Response – The style of writing, your solution also matters to some extent. Designing or adding grammatical content never supports your recommendation. The thing that matters is the quality of content, the perfect way of writing, solving problems from starting to end, cutting less and comprehensive solution is always advised.
  5. Discussion Need Practice – While discussing the final plan, make a calm discussion over prioritization, which needs to be done fast as it is not a major point of chaos. The thing that needs to be discussed is the correct plan to solve the problems. Keep the discussion calm and effective. This skill of discussion in the group has to be learned from day to day group discussions in local areas.

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