8 Good Habits Every Defence Aspirants Must Have

Someone has said it correct, “Habit Changes Into Character”. The line seems to be so accurate as we know that the practice which we perform today reflect the type of person we become in future. In short, habits built a person and his future too.

‌Habits play a very vital role in one’s life. The more profitable your practices will be, the more ahead you will be your life than others. Similarly, as if you have been dreaming about becoming an officer in the Armed Forces, then you need to maintain your habits in a way that could help you in becoming one. The habits required to follow to get into the armed forces are not very easy ones but needs high dedication. Below are 10 Habits that should defence aspirants follow to pursue their dreams.

1.Waking up Early

From the day you join the academy for training to the day you get retired, you will be waking up early in there. So, if you want to join the Armed Forces, then the first habit you need to develop is to wake up early. Waking up early increase your daily working efficiency and concentration too. Any work you do in the early morning will surely pay in longer terms, either it will be physical or mental.

2.Good Stamina

As it is always said a healthy body results in healthy ming. So, implies for defence forces. Proper physical workout and good stamina are a very crucial part of any soldiers life. They always need to be physically sound. So, it would be best if you work on your physique. Always give some time for this either in the morning or in the evening. Workout keeps you freshen up throughout the day and keeps the diseases away from you.

3.Self Reliance

If you are planning for the Defence Forces, Then one more habit you need to develop is that become self-dependent instead of depending on someone other. You can start this from just small steps like making you bed in the morning or washing your utensils by yourself. These little things lead to more tremendous changes in the future.


Responsibility is the thing you always need to handle if you go for any work and for defence aspirants it means more as its for defence security. The more you are responsible, the more you become fitt for the forces. You can start it by taking responsibility for being the monitor of your class or the household responsibility.

5.Time Management

Time management is also a significant habit that defence aspirants have to pursue. It is the habit which is not only crucial for defence but is needed in all domains too. Time Management helps to maintain the workflow properly in a systematic manner. Time management can be learned from basics by making your daily routine and following it properly.


Discipline is often known as the beauty of the Indian Armed Forces. Even when we listen to the word military, the first thing to come in our mind is discipline only. Though self-discipline is mostly attained by a person itself and needs so much practise to be achieved. Talking about discipline here is a very vast topic that covers your haircut, dress, way of talking, and many more. It is an overall pack of personality-related things.


Laziness has not at all any place in the defence forces. The people working out there in the organization are so much active and are ready to do any work for the country. So, is the need of today’s youth in India. It would be best if you will be active and always motivated to do the work you get. The more you be involved, the more satisfactory result you will be getting from that task.

8.Easy to Adjust

Being in the defence forces, no one stays at one point but had to move through all India. There will be many postings of a defence personnel in his whole career. So, one needs to learn how to adjust to the new environment quickly. For that, you can work on the things which are out of your comfort zones as it will help you to adapt new environment.

If we will keep talking about the good habits of Defence Aspirants, might we will go mils away. But, here I have tried to put some of them in front of you. I hope you liked it.

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Bashu Tiwari

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