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What To DO When AFCAT 2 2017 Exam is Just Hours Away

AFCAT 2 2017 is going to be conducted on 27th Sep 2017, candidates are sorting out their last days of preparation and revision. It gets confusing as the AFCAT exam date gets closer and closer, the first question arises in mind is What to Do When AFCAT Exam is Just Hours Away ?. Here we are discussing few tips that may ease your tension in your last days of preparation.

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What To DO When AFCAT 2 2017 Exam is Just Hours Away

What To DO When AFCAT 1 2017 Exam is Just Hours Away

  • When time is this much short then planing is not done on the basis of number of days left but it is done on the numbers of hours left before exam. So plan your practice and revision using your clock wisely.
  • As the time left is very less, revise whatever you have studied, be it the mathematics formula or general awareness. Re-read all the current affairs you prepared.
  • Go through previous year question papers, it is the best way of assessing your revision.
  • Read all the mathematical formulae – Make a list of all the numerical ability formulas keep going through whatever formulae you have prepared.
  • Start organising all the accessories which you are going to carry to the exam center like Admit card, Pen, Pencil, Id card etc.
  • Most Important is Mock Test Practice:  The best way in which you can revise and practice your preparation is adopt a Mock Test Series. There are many online test series available for the AFCAT pick a good one and practice as much as possible. We recommend you our SSBCracK Exams Mock Test Series its Best of the Best, click below to know more:

AFCAT Mock Test Series

  • Read Monthly current affair, you can google monthly current affair, there are many website which provide day wise read important topics of current affair specially related to defence, books, awards, research etc.
  • Take proper amount of rest and avoid any sort of confusion or any thing that triggers a confusion, you need to have a cool and calmed mind to attempt your AFCAT exam.

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