Basic Composition of the Indian Army

In this article, we will understand the basic structure and composition of the Indian army. We will talk about the different fighting arms, supporting arms, and services of the Indian army. The army is further organized into parts, Arms, and Services. Arms cover troops that carry out actual operations and the remaining components of the army are Services. Their primary duty is to provide logistics and administration for the army.

A. Fighting Arms

  • Armoured Corps for offensive operations using tanks
  • Infantry for ground holding and offensive operations
  • Mechanised Infantry for speedy mobilization and combining the potential of the armoured vehicle and infantry ground holding ability

B. Supporting Arms

  • Artillery for providing long range fire support using guns, mortars, rockets and missiles
  • Engineers for providing combat support tasks of making defences, demolitions, bridges, roads, water supply etc.
  • Army Air Defence for defence against threats from the air
  • Army Aviation for providing air observation and utility and communication support using helicopters.
  • Signals for providing communications support
  • The Intelligence Corps

C. Services

  • Army Service Corps provides logistics support by provisioning rations and other supplies including mechanical and animal transport management
  • Army Medical Corps for medical support in the forward areas and upto the mainland.
  • Army Dental Corps for medical support
  • Army Ordnance Corps for provisioning of ordnance stores, weapons and ammunition
  • Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers for repair support of all equipment
  • Remount and Veterinary Corps for medical support for animals ( horses, mules and dogs)
  • Army Education Corps for training and education of troops
  • Army Physical Education Corps for training in physical fitness
  • Corps of Military Police for discipline and traffic management
  • Military Farms Service for providing fresh milk and forage
  • The Pioneer Corps for providing labour
  • Defence Security Corps for security of static establishments and rear area security
  • Judge Advocate General’s Branch for legal issues
  • Military Nursing Service for nursing care in military hospitals

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