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10 Best Ways to Crack AFSB interview for Freshers & Repeaters

Hello Aspirants, now that AFCAT 2 2022 results will be out tomorrow 23rd September 2022 everyone wants to start getting ready for the AFSB interview. Today we are going to...

Hello Aspirants, now that AFCAT 2 2022 results will be out tomorrow 23rd September 2022 everyone wants to start getting ready for the AFSB interview. Today we are going to discuss 10 of the best ways to succeed at the AFSB Interview, for First-Timers as well as Repeaters.

Freshers should take advantage of the AFSB interview since it will be their first time, not because they will be evaluated differently. And as a result, they will adopt a more laid-back approach and reveal their actual selves. When you reach the repeating stage, you’ll feel the pressure increasing to make adjustments over the consecutive tries. Freshmen, therefore, have a better opportunity to succeed even though they won’t be evaluated differently because they aren’t asked, “How was this try different from the previous one, and what adjustments did you make from your past attempts?”

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Tips for Freshers to Crack AFSB interview:

  1. Make sure the SD from the psychological test and your PIQ line up with the answers you give in the interview.
  2. When something is required of you, be honest about it; don’t hide anything.
  3. Tell them about any weaknesses you may have and how you plan to overcome them (this is very important).
  4. Consider this interview to be a formal discourse.
  5. When questioned about friends or parents, refrain from criticising them. Giving away their flaws to a stranger demonstrates your sincerity and affection for your friends/parents.
  6. Last but not least, remember why you are there; be direct and specific to the interview. Keep an open mind, be direct, and be diplomatic.
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Candidates who failed their prior SSB are referred to as repeaters in the SSB. Those who failed the first step of the SSB (screening) are referred to as screened out, and candidates who failed the second stage of the prior SSB are referred to as conference out. Candidates are regarded as repeaters in both situations. Candidates who got SSB screened out are only grouped with the candidates for the screen out, not the candidates for the conference out, and vice versa. Although repeaters are not subject to a set pattern of questions, you can go through some of the more common repeater questions before you appear in the SSB. There is no cap on the number of AFSB interview attempts, thus regardless of the outcome of your prior written or AFSB interview, you can attend as long as you are age-eligible for a given course and try to give your best.

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Tips for Repeaters to Crack AFSB interview:

  1. Learn from Past Mistakes: It’s commonly claimed that you shouldn’t repeat past mistakes if you want different positive outcomes. Our failures always serve as a lesson for us, so the best thing you can do in this situation is reflect on your errors and make appropriate measures in order to prevent repeating them. As if you were screened out, you should pay attention to your narrative and the calibre of the story. The narrative must be relevant to the image.
  2. Self-Reflection Is the Secret: Many times, we make mistakes without even realising it, but if we take a moment to sit quietly, calmly in our thoughts, and consider the entire circumstance again, we will undoubtedly have a clearer idea of our strengths and weaknesses. And repeaters might do this to concentrate on their errors and work to correct them.
  3. Make an attempt to better yourself: If the SSB has rejected you, you should ensure that there is still room for personality development. Enhancing general awareness, communication skills, etc., are examples of self-improvement. Try to keep your attention on current events by reading English newspapers every day; this will also improve your communication abilities. You can gain insight into various case scenarios by reading editorial portions, and you can afterwards form your own judgement.
  4. Keep your spirits high: Since we will do better when we are more assured. The same thing takes place when completing chores at SSBs. A day before the SSB or while travelling, watch some inspirational films or television shows or some defence action films. Your morale will be raised by doing this, which will ultimately benefit your SSB.
  5. Despite taking things too seriously, enjoy the SSB process: One thing I’ve seen about many repeaters is that they don’t enjoy anything inside the SSB and take it all too seriously. Yet what they require Try to stay as composed and cool as you can during the SSB. When you are given a new task or test, don’t worry about the one you just finished. You’ll experience less tension if you answer the test questions honestly.
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Sample AFSB Interview Questions That Can Be Asked

  1. Tell me about yourself; what does your name mean?
  2. Why the Indian Air Force and not another force, in your opinion?
  3. Tell me about the IAF’s organisational structure and the most recent additions to our fleet of helicopters, aircraft, and technology.
  4. Tell me about the topics you studied in school, your favourite subjects and professors, any extracurricular activities you participated in, competitive tests you took and the results of those exams.
  5. Who are your closest pals, what do you like and dislike about them, and who are they?
  6. Have you enrolled in a coaching programme? What alterations do you notice in yourself now?
  7. Who among you and your siblings do you think is better? Tell me about your family.
  8. What are your plans for the future if you are not chosen for the AFSB?
  9. What spurs you on? How can you bounce back from failure?
  10. Tell me about five recent acquisitions by the Indian Air force in the year 2022?

During your AFSB interview, do not become overwhelmed or stressed out. Maintain your self-assurance, speak openly, and take risks to succeed in the interview.

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