CDS exam cut off marks

One of the questions that is frequently asked by the CDS exam candidates is about cut of marks and most importantly sectional cut off marks. CDS exam cut off marks are released by UPSC every year.

Following table shows the cut off marks of CDSE 2013 -2.

cut off marks by ssbcrackexams

One can see cds exam cut off marks for IMA, INA, AFA, OTA

IMA and INA have the same cut off marks of 111 that is 37% [of 300] . Candidates who are interested in joining air force academy will have have to be a little better than the average as one can clearly see that the marks obtained by the last candidate who qualified for AFA is 135, that is 45% [of 300] which is 8% more marks than the last qualified candidate of IMA and INA.

Total marks in CDS for IMA, INA and AFA is 300. 100 marks for G.K, 100 for English and 100 for Mathematics.

Therefore to be be on safe side one must score around 50% marks in CDS as these cut off marks change every year.


Paper wise cut off in CDS

Other than the total cut of marks as seen seen above,  a candidate also has to score a certain minimum qualifying mark or sectional cut off mark in each paper of CDS Exam. As one can see, it is 20% for CDSE 2013-2, so one has to score at least 20 marks in each of the three papers. CDSE aspirant should make sure that they prepares for all the three paper equally. Ignoring any one of three subjects can lead to failure in exam.

GK paper is little tough and a thorough practice is required. Most aspirants who fail to pass in CDS exam is because of GK paper. It is easier to get sectional cut off marks in maths and English.

Cut off marks for OTA

Candidates who opt  OTA in CDS don’t have Mathematics paper, they write only G.K and English papers.

Cut off marks for OTA is 76 that is 38% [of 200 marks] plus cut off marks for each paper is 20%.


CDS 2013-1 cut off marks

CDS cut off marks

The above table shows 2013-1 cut off marks, as you can see cut of marks for 2013-1 are lower when compared to 2013-2.

Sectional cut of marks of CDSE 2013-1 is 15% compared to the 20% of CDSE 2013-2.

CDS exam cut off marks depend on the quality of paper as well as the quality of students attempting the exam.

To be on the safe side, all CDSE aspirants should try for 50% marks in this examination. and Candidate aspiring for AFA should work extra hard.


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CDSE 2013 -2 cut off:

CDSE 2013-1 cut off

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