Cracked SSC Tech SSB Interview For Indian Army

First of all, I will introduce myself I am Rohit Kumar from CSE stream in Engineering passed out this year in August 2020. I got recommended from SSC-Tech-55 INDIAN ARMY recently. This is my first SSB and it went well and I got recommended. Today we got the merit lIst and my merit no is AIR -12 IN CSE. The day I got recommended and today is the luckiest day for me.

But it’s not an easy path. I have gone through so much. The constant motivation from inside and the available resources on the internet helped me a lot to achieve this. As it was my first attempt, it takes a hell lot of courage to compete with other Candidates, when you have no idea that what is this process all about which takes 5 days to figure out that “YOU HAVE IT IN YOU”….Before appearing for SSB and after SSB, I have given CDS 3 times and AFCAT 3 times, but in none of the attempts, I cleared. I thought one-day Clearing written is not my cup of tea as I have given so many attempts but couldn’t succeed.

But By God’s grace I appeared for SSC tech-55 which is direct shortlisting of candidates based on percentage criteria without written, I made it through. It means sometimes there are things, in which you can’t succeed because the other thing is waiting for you….You Never Know Right.

Coming to the preparations, I have started my preparation, not before some days when my SSB is going to start. I think my preparations have already started earlier when I was preparing for Written Exams.

It is not a one day or one-month thing, you have to induct officer like qualities from day one when you start preparing for your defense exams. I have included workouts in my daily routine. Self Introspection is the key not only for SSB but for overall personality development. One should know their personal strength and weakness along with areas of development. I have done my SWOT(Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis, through which I got to know my habits and overview about myself.

If you are a little confused about yourself then you can follow this pattern, it worked for me Like what I have done I have informed my friends to tell some good and bad about me with genuine reasons. After collecting all outputs from all friends then I calculated which areas I need to improve, which I need to strengthen more. Trust me This is a very basic way to get to know yourself, But you need Real friends, not liars. You have to be careful while picking up your friend.

I read motivational story always and regular posts of SSBCRACK to get updated about General knowledge. Always remember “THEY ARE LOOKING FOR RIGHT FIT NOT THE BEST FIT”.I want to specifically mention the book ‘Let’s Crack SSB Interview’ by SSBCRACK, it helped me a lot to get aware of the overall process. Always remember one thing Be curious. I always have this curiosity that what is this thing which I don’t know, I immediately google any query I got. Apart from online post and readings

I used to watch a lot of youtube videos there are several channels like SSBCrack and lot of other random channels …..

Coming to SSB, My SSB center Was 17SSB Bangalore, reported on 19th Sep 2020, around 130 reported. After Day-1 screening,32 got screened-in, divided in groups of 6 members each. Day-2 psychological tests and some candidates had their interview too, my interview was on day-3

Day-3 and Day-4 were full of GTO tasks. Day-5 Conference Day/Judgement day-I call it. The result was announced 5 got recommended and my name was there. When I heard my name, my mind was completely blank at that time …I was thinking, is this true …were they calling my name…..That was a very proud moment for me.

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  1. Aaron Alex

    Man,the feeling when being called out on the final day of SSB.

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