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Cleared NDA SSB Interview From 4 AFSB Varanasi

Hi, Myself Sangeeth Saiju. I completed my class 12 from Sainik school Kazhakootam and had cleared UPSC NDA 1. I had my reporting on 2nd Dec at 4 AFSB Varanasi....

Hi, Myself Sangeeth Saiju. I completed my class 12 from Sainik school Kazhakootam and had cleared UPSC NDA 1. I had my reporting on 2nd Dec at 4 AFSB Varanasi. 139 reported and 58 were screened. And 11 made it through the SSB. 8 managed to clear CPSS. I would like to thank SSBCrack because of the posts they constantly uploaded that motivated us which added to the self-motivation that every defense aspirant has. I had even used the book published by SSBCrack that explains the procedures in brief. Hope every defense aspirant’s dreams come true.

SSB is a wonderful experience and we get to make a lot of friends. Day 1 screening:139 reported and 58 were screened in. I was screened out for TES entry and had a lot of inhibitions about it. The OIR went really well as it usually does for everyone. Our group did really well in the discussion and 4 were screened in. Day 2: We had our psych test starting at 7:30. I felt that psych test is a test of patience ad it requires a lot of concentration and pace writing. I had my interview scheduled on the same day and it went well. My interview took about 1hr and 15 min.

It differs from person to person. Some interviewers take only 25 min to 30 min to interview a candidate and there is no reason to be disappointed about that. All the questions asked were related to my school life and were personal. And a few gk questions about my hobbies, how I handled difficult situations as a class leader ..etc  Day 3: We were completely free and played badminton and volleyball the whole day. Got to make so many new friends that day. Day 4: We had the GTO activities on the 4th day.

The group obstacle race was avoided due to health safety issues to minimize contact. We had maintained a very healthy relationship within the group. So our gd, GPE went peacefully.  The part of GT that can influence the result is the command task and the discussions. Day 5: We had our conference which lasts for about 2 minutes.  And the results were declared .11 were recommended and 3 were from my group. We had a lot of paperwork to do. Day 6 : The fun part ( The CPSS) The first series of tests are actually advanced level of OIR and we need to pay attention to the briefing given at the beginning and note down some positions of the horizon indicator etc which will help in selecting the right answers for finding the position of the plane. The second part is done in the simulator and is really fun. I would say that it is an advanced video game. A bit difficult but everyone gets one trial attempt and then three tests. 8 out of 11 cleared CPSS.
Overall SSB was fun and now we have a thick friend circle at our stay in AFMC for our medicals.

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