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Current Affairs 24 June 2024

In Current Affairs for 24 June 2024, we will see the latest national and international current affairs news. These important current affairs will be beneficial for your upcoming NDA, CDS,...

In Current Affairs for 24 June 2024, we will see the latest national and international current affairs news. These important current affairs will be beneficial for your upcoming NDA, CDS, CDS OTA, AFCAT, TA, Agniveer Army, Agniveer Navy, Agniveer Air Force, Women Military Police, INET, MNS, ACC exams, SCO, PCSL, CAPF, and SSB interviews, and direct entries for Army, Navy, and Air Force like SSC Tech, TGC, JAG, NCC, TES, 10+2 Cadet. Download a PDF file about current events at the end of this article. Let us now see the Current Affairs.

Current Affairs 24 June 2024

Krishi Sakhi Program

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi awarded certificates to over 30,000 self-help groups as Krishi Sakhis in Varanasi.
  • This initiative aims to enhance the skills of rural women in agriculture, recognizing their vital role in this sector .
image 630
  • Krishi Sakhi Convergence Program is part of the ambitious ‘Lakhpati Didi’ program, which aims to create 3 crore (30 million) Lakhpati Didis. Krishi Sakhi is one dimension of this larger initiative.
  • Objectives : Transform rural India by empowering women as Krishi Sakhis, Train and certify Krishi Sakhis as para-extension workers, Align with the “Lakhpati Didi” Program goals.
  • Krishi Sakhis are ideal for this role because they are: Trusted community resource persons, Experienced farmers themselves, Deeply rooted in farming communities, Welcomed and respected by local farmers.
image 631

Indian Deposits In Swiss Banks Drop By 70%

  • Indian funds in Swiss banks have plummeted by 70% in 2023, reaching a four-year low of 1.04 billion Swiss Francs (₹9,771 crore), according to the Swiss National Bank (SNB).
  • This marks a significant decline after a peak in 2021 and is attributed to decreases in bonds, securities, and other financial instruments. The sharp decline in funds held by Indian clients is primarily due to a substantial reduction in investments in bonds, securities, and other financial instruments.
image 632
  • Funds held in customer deposit accounts and cash through other bank branches in India have also decreased significantly. Customer Deposits: CHF 310 million (down from CHF 394 million in 2022) .
  • Indian deposits reached a record high of nearly CHF 6.5 billion in 2006, but have generally been on a downward trend with exceptions in 2011, 2013, 2017, 2020, and 2021.
image 633
  • These figures do not reflect the alleged ‘black money’ held by Indians in Switzerland, as they are official numbers provided to the SNB. The data also exclude funds held by Indians under third-country entities.
  • The UK tops the list of foreign clients’ funds in Swiss banks with CHF 254 billion, followed by the US (CHF 71 billion) and France (CHF 64 billion). India ranked 67th at the end of 2023, down from 46th in 2022.

Global Domestic Airline Market

  • India has achieved significant milestones in its domestic aviation sector over the past decade, emerging as the world’s third-largest market for domestic airlines by April 2024.
  • This marks a remarkable ascent from its fifth position ten years ago, driven by robust growth and strategic developments under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership.
  • Over the past ten years, India has demonstrated the highest average annual growth rate in airline seat capacity globally, at 6.9%.
image 634
  • This growth has catapulted India’s domestic airline capacity to approximately 15.6 million seats as of April 2024, surpassing both Brazil and Indonesia. A significant factor in India’s aviation growth story is the dominance of low-cost carriers (LCCs), which command 78.4% of the domestic airline market.
  • IndiGo, in particular, has seen a meteoric rise, doubling its market share to 62% over the last decade with an annual capacity growth rate of 13.9%. India’s aviation infrastructure has expanded significantly, with the number of airports more than doubling from 74 to 157 in the last decade.
image 635
  • This expansion has been pivotal in accommodating the increasing number of domestic passengers, exemplified by the record-breaking single-day traffic figures post-pandemic.
  • While the United States and China remain the largest domestic aviation markets globally, India’s trajectory stands out with sustained growth even amidst global challenges. This growth underscores India’s potential as a key player in shaping the future of the global aviation industry for years to come.

BIS Introduces Two New Standards

  • The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has introduced two new standards, IS 18590: 2024 and IS 18606: 2024, to enhance the safety of electric vehicles (EVs).
  • These new BIS standards are designed to ensure that the critical component of EVs – the powertrain – meets stringent safety requirements.
  • These standards also place a strong emphasis on the safety and performance of batteries, ensuring they are both powerful and secure.
image 636
  • This initiative is a significant step toward reinforcing the reliability and safety of electric powertrains and batteries — crucial components that define the efficiency and security of electric vehicles.
  • With these new additions, BIS now boasts a total of 30 Indian standards dedicated to electric vehicles and their accessories, including charging systems. This comprehensive set of standards is crucial in driving India’s transition to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and efficient transportation system.

National Monetisation Pipeline

  • Government monetised assets worth ₹1.56 lakh crore under the National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP) in the financial year 2023-24, falling short of the target of ₹1.8 lakh crore.
image 637
  • This performance represents approximately 159% of the achievement in 2021-22. The NMP aims to unlock the value of brownfield infrastructure assets, with a total monetisation potential estimated at ₹6 lakh crore over a four-year period from FY22 to FY25.
  • NMP Targets and Achievements : Aggregate Monetisation Potential: ₹6 lakh crore over FY22 to FY25.
  • First Two Years (2021-22, 2022-23): Target of ₹2.5 lakh crore; achievement of ₹2.30 lakh crore. FY24 Achievement: ₹1.56 lakh crore against a target of ₹1.8 lakh crore.
  • NMP, announced in the Union Budget 2021-22 and prepared by NITI Aayog with infrastructure ministries, aims to tap private investment for infrastructure development and drive high economic growth through asset monetisation.
image 638

Tajikistan Government Bans Hijab

  • Tajikistan parliament, Majlisi Milli, passed a law prohibiting “alien garments,” which primarily targets the hijab and other traditional Islamic clothing.
  • This move has sparked debate among Tajikistan’s predominantly Muslim population in the tightly governed ex-Soviet republic.
  • Tajikistan has been unofficially restricting the hijab since 2007. Initially, the Ministry of Education banned Islamic attire and Western-style miniskirts for students, later extending this to all public institutions.
image 639
  • Enforcement included special teams and police raids, although officials have denied reports of women being fined for wearing the hijab. President Emomali Rahmon has condemned what he terms “xenophobia in clothing,” referring to the wearing of foreign clothes and the hijab.
  • The government has promoted traditional Tajik clothing through campaigns, including a 2018 guidebook detailing appropriate attire. The new law also bans children’s festivities during Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, with the stated aim of ensuring proper education and safety.
image 640
  • This reflects broader legislative changes concerning holidays, cultural practices, and the role of teachers and parents in children’s upbringing.

World Medical And Health Games

  • Four Armed Forces Medical Service (AFMS) Officers have brought laurels to India by clinching a record 32 Medals in the 43rd World Medical and Health Games held in Saint-Tropez, France.
  • These Officers are Lt Col Sanjeev Malik, Maj Anish George, Caption Stephen Sebastian, and Caption Dania James.
  • All officers made history by winning 19 Gold Medals, Nine Silver Medals and four Bronze Medals in the World’s largest sports event for health professionals. The Director General of AFMS Lt.
image 642

Archery World Cup

  • In the Archery World Cup Stage 3, Dhiraj Bommadevara won the bronze in the men’s individual recurve event as well as in the mixed team event with Bhajan Kaur, in Antalya, Turkey, taking the country’s medal tally to four in the process.
image 643
  • Trailing 0-2 after conceding the opening set. Indian women’s compound team of Jyothi Surekha Vennam, Aditi Swami and Parneet Kaur bagged a gold medal, while Priyansh bagged a silver.

Current Affairs 24 June 2024 Question

  1. India Placed As World’s _ Largest Market For Domestic Airlines
    A. First
    B. Second
    C. Third
    D. Fourth
  2. Which Of The Following Is/Are Awarded By Bureau Of Indian Standards :
    1) Ecomark 2) ISI Mark 3) Agmark
    A. Only 1 and 2
    B. Only 2 and 3
    C. Only 1 and 3
    D. All of the above
  3. Bureau Of Indian Standards Works Under Aegis Of
    A. Department of Heavy Industry
    B. Ministry of Consumer Affairs
    C. Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises
    D. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  4. What Is The Theme Of ‘World Sickle Cell Day 2024’
    A. Hope Through Progress: Advancing Sickle Cell Care Globally
    B. Celebrating Progress
    C. Shine the Light on Sickle Cell
    D. Increase public awareness and understanding of sickle cell disease
  5. Nalanda University Is Located In Which State
    A. Jharkhand
    B. Gujarat
    C. Bihar
    D. Rajasthan
  6. Which Country Became The First Southeast Asian Country To Recognize Same
    sex Marriage
    A. Thailand
    B. Vietnam
    C. Malaysia
    D. Singapore
  7. Trent Boult, Announced His Retirement From International Cricket, Belongs To
    Which Country
    A. Australia
    B. South Africa
    C. Afghanistan
    D. New Zealand
  8. Ghodbunder Fort Is Located In Which State
    A. Maharashtra
    B. Gujarat
    C. Kerala
    D. Rajasthan
  9. Who Won A Gold Medal At The Paavo Nurmi Games In Finland
    A. Neeraj Chopra
    B. Toni Keranen
    C. Oliver Helander
    D. Anderson Peters
  10. Which Day Is Observed As ‘World Refugee Day’ Every Year
    A. 19 June
    B. 20 June
    C. 21 June
    D. 22 June
  11. Which Airport Recently Became First In Country To Introduce A Self-service
    Baggage Drop System
    A. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
    B. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport
    C. Indira Gandhi International Airport
    D. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport
  12. What Is Aim Of The National Forensic Infrastructure Enhancement Scheme
    A. To improve healthcare infrastructure
    B. To strengthen the criminal forensic infrastructure
    C. To enhance educational facilities
    D. To develop transportation systems
  13. What Is The Casimir Effect
    A. A phenomenon where two charged plates repel each other
    B. A phenomenon where two uncharged conducting plates experience an attractive force
    C. A phenomenon where two uncharged conducting plates experience a repulsive force
    D. A phenomenon where two charged plates experience a magnetic force
  14. Which State/UT Has Declared Human Rabies A Notifiable Disease Under The
    Epidemic Diseases Act Of 1897
    A. Lakshadweep
    B. Jammu and Kashmir
    C. Sikkim
    D. Nagaland
  15. Where Was Shangri La Dialogue Or Asian Security Summit Held
    A. Singapore
    B. Mexico
    C. Vietnam
    D. Egypt
  16. Which Indian Shuttler Won Title At Bonn International Tournament
    A. Aakarshi Kashyap
    B. Ashmita Chaliha
    C. P.V Sindhu
    D. Tanvi Sharma
  17. What Is ‘Dictyostelium Discoideum’
    A. Amoeba
    B. Algae
    C. Weed
    D. Drug
  18. In What Year Was The Nalanda University Act Passed
    A. 2007
    B. 2009
    C. 2014
    D. 2010
  19. When Is The International Day For The Elimination Of Sexual Violence In Conflict Observed
    A. June 18
    B. June 19
    C. June 20
    D. June 29
  20. The Last Mauryan Ruler, Who Was Killed By His Commander-in-chief Was
    A. Dasaratha
    B. Kun-ala
    C. Samprati
    D. Brihadratha

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