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Defence Current Affairs And Updates 18th May 2020

Know Your Air Force The “Probe & Drogue” air-to-air refueling methodology practiced by IAF pilots require exceptional flying skills as the receiving aircraft must accurately attach the receptacle probe into...

Know Your Air Force

  • The “Probe & Drogue” air-to-air refueling methodology practiced by IAF pilots require exceptional flying skills as the receiving aircraft must accurately attach the receptacle probe into the basket shaped drogue of the fuel tanker aircraft.
  • IAF is one of the few Air Force in the World to demonstrate this capability.

Doda Encounter in Kashmir

  • On a specific police input, an operation was launched late last night in Doda district.
  • One Indian Army soldier has been killed in action. Operation still in progress.
  • Indian Army will not confirm the names of the terrorists and appeals to the media to not glorify the terrorists.

Operation Samudra Setu Phase 2 – INS Jalashwa Brings Home 588 Indians From Maldives

  • The inclement weather prevailing in the area had delayed the process of embarkation of people and departure of the ship.
  • Another Navy Ship INS Magar under this operation had evacuated 202 Indian citizens from Maldives to Kochi on Tuesday.

U.S. Space Force launches X-37B unmanned spacecraft into orbit for classified mission

  • After strong ground winds at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida caused the launch mission to be cancelled on Saturday, the Atlas V finally blasted off a day later at 9:14 am Eastern time. The Boeing-made X-37B is an unmanned, reusable spacecraft that takes off vertically and lands horizontally on a runway.

Dozen A-10 aircraft and hundreds of Idaho guardsman head to Southwest Asia

  • The Idaho Air National Guard deployed to various locations throughout Southwest Asia in support of combat operations on May 11, 2020. More than 400 members of the 124th Fighter Wing will continue to deploy throughout the spring and summer in support of Operations FREEDOM’S SENTINEL, INHERENT RESOLVE and NEW NORMAL.

ITBP, army step up vigil after Chinese choppers violated Indian air space, twice

  • Chinese choppers have been spotted twice in Sumdoh in tribal Lahaul and Spiti district that shares its borders with China.
  • Five battalions of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) are guarding the border with China. In total, there are 20 ITBP posts along the border.
  • Chinese army has been constantly strengthening its infrastructure along international border in Lahaul Spiti and Kinnaur district, even as frontiers were peaceful during the 1962 aggression .
  • There are high passes along the Chinese border that forbids the troops from both sides to intrude into each other’s territory. The main passes between China and India in Himachal Pradesh includes the Khimokul Pass and Simthong Pass, located ahead of the Trungla valley, which crosses into China-occupied Tibet.
  • Similarly, the 5,280-m-high Rangio La and 5,320 Keobrangla pass situated ahead of Nesang valley lead to Tibet.
  • Yamrangla – situated at the height of 5,570 m – is the highest mountain pass. The 5,200-m-high Shipki La pass is the most famous pass between the India-China border.
  • Shipki La Pass is used for the cross-border trade between two countries. The trade route was closed after the Chinese aggression in 1962 but was reopened after India and China signed a protocol in 1994. The trade between the two countries restarted in 1994.
  • Shigastay, in China, controlled Tibetan autonomous Region is the closest air base to Indian border. Airport in Shigastay is being dually used for army and civilian flights are nearly 100 kilometres away from Kaurik in Kinnaur.

Yantar Shipyard Completes Two Frigates for Indian Navy Under New Hull Numbers

  • Yantar Shipyard (Kaliningrad, Russia) holds on completion of two Project 11356 Burevestnik-class ships. The yard reports on the online public procurement portal that the matter is outfitting work on two frigates, hull numbers 01457 and 01458.
  • Displacement of Project 11356 frigates (in Indian Navy, guided missile frigates) is 4,000 tons, max speed is 30 knots, endurance is 30 days. Onboard weapons include: 100-mm artillery mount A-190, air defense artillery/missile systems, torpedo and ASW warfare facilities, and long-range cruise missiles Caliber-NK (for Indian Navy, BrahMos). Each frigate accommodates one Ka-27 or Ka-31 helicopter.
  • According to the procurement documents, the work is being done under the supply contract dated March 22, 2019. It is planned to complete the current outfitting phase by the yearend.


  1. A10 Thunderbolt II aircraft was manufactured by:
  2. Boeing Inc.
  3. Fairchild Aircraft
  4. Airbus
  5. Embraer


  • Yantar Shipyard is based at:
  • Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Mumbai, India
  • Shanghai, China
  • Ras-Al Khair, Saudi Arabia


  • X-37B unmanned spacecraft is launched by:
  • Atlas II
  • Atlas III
  • Atlas IV
  • Atlas V


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