Difference Between TGC and SSC Tech Entry

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Hoping you all are well in this halt condition where everything seems to be as if stopped. Today we will be talking about two flowers of the same tree. With this, I mean two entries, TGC and SSC, which do not possess many differences. Here, TGC stands for Technical Graduate Course while the SSC represents the Short Service Commission. If someone wants to fill the form for both the entries, he/she should apply from the single standard application. One can fill the form through the joinindianarmy.nic.in from the start of their fourth year to the age of 27. After filling the form, candidates are shortlisted based on their college performance or CGPA with the cutoff set by the Indian army themselves. The shortlisted candidates get their call up letter through emails. Though if we will look into the training period, there is no difference in them. Not only about the training period, but when training is finished, they are commissioned to work as a technical officer in the Armed Forces. Being so similar, yet they cannot be same because of the few differences. Below we will be shortly discussing them.

Differences Between TGC and SSC Entry

  1. First and the fundamental difference is that, if someone joins from the TGC entry, he will be applicable to work under Permanent Commission. In contrast, a person from SSC entry will have a Short Service Commission. Means SSC officer will be working for ten years and later will be given a choice to either convert his tenure into permanent condition or have to leave the forces after four years.
  2. A person recommended for TGC entry will be going to Indian Military Academy, Dehradun for further training whereas if someone is selected from SSC have to go Officers Training Academy, Chennai.
  3. For the TGC entry, only man can fill the form whereas if we look for the SSC entry then men, women and even the widows of defence personnel can apply (Though the age limit is different for the Widows).
  4. If a person gets merit out for the TGC entry, then he is applicable to go for SSC entry merit list whereas the vice versa is not possible.
  5. Surely candidate going through the TGC entry have higher chances for promotions in the future and will be able to go to higher ranks as compared to SSC entry because the SSC entry tenure is a bit small in front of TGC.

These were some of the differences between the two entries. However, these entries are that much different from each other and have equal importance in the eyes of defence lovers. The main aim behind the two is always the same to produce gentlemen to serve the nation like ever done before. My suggestion would be here that whenever anybody gets a chance to go into any of these, he/she must go for it as the result would surely be better.

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    1. Varun Bhutani

      I am merit out from TGC 132, will i get the SSC tech OTA and till when i can accept the joining, what is the process for SSC Tech(OTA).

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