10 Ways Female Defence Aspirants Can Improve Their Personality

Everyone possesses a mix of good and bad traits in them, and these get highlighted when we respond to different situations, conditions and around people. Good personality traits bring out the best version of ourselves. To display the finest version of ourselves, we can improve on certain characteristics.

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The foremost thing is Self Confidence. You need to trust your own self and your abilities. Affirm yourself about your worth and be optimistic about completing the work whatever is bestowed upon you. Don’t lose your confidence just with a single failure.


Don’t give in to pressure and tough situations. Face every challenge and obstacle confidently. Either you will overcome the adversity or learn something out of it. Take the initiative and carry on with the work with zeal and enthusiasm.


Good looks no doubt will add to your personality but what matters the most is how you are dressed up. Proper attire displays your perfect visual image and sends a message about your professionalism and seriousness regarding your aim. Be executive in your attire.


Give up on the tendency of presenting excuses on every downfall or failure of yours. It only adds to more frustration. Focus on your long-term goals and stay motivated. Write down your goals on a sheet of paper, stick it on your desk and meticulously follow the constructive approach. Avoid distractions and interruptions as much as possible.


The defence forces require your good organising skills. You can’t work properly if you are all the time in defensive mode, wasting time in an idle manner. Strategize your workplan, list down important tasks to be done. Prepare a proper time table and follow it regularly. Avoid procrastination and analyse your progress on a daily basis. Be punctual.


Expand and explore your social circle. Try to mingle with the people around you, knowing about them and learning something productive from them. Be a friendly and approachable person to help someone in need. Volunteer to assist, teach and mentor others too. It develops your own analysing abilities too. Look for opportunities and go out and participate in social gatherings.


Your communication skills speak a lot about you. One should be able to communicate meaningfully to others. Work on your speaking and listening skills simultaneously. Listen to others patiently, do healthy discussions and give amicable suggestions and advices wherever required.  Encourage others and get into the comfort zone of people to connect more.


How you carry yourself and move matters equally to what you say. Think before you speak. Lighten up, smile and express yourself properly. Your gestures, postures and eye movements speak a lot about you. Improve on these aspects. Be cheerful and display your liveliness along with your focused ambitions. Maintain poise and graceful movements and a healthy eye contact.


Even with the busy hectic schedule, it is essential that we keep ourselves informed and updated on current events. General awareness of our surroundings and around the world is a necessity in today’s fast-moving internet age. Keep yourself up to date from newspapers, magazines, television, radio, internet as well as from people around you.


Promote fitness and exercise in your daily life. Work out regularly and develop a strong willpower. Workout keeps you fit, active and energetic. Inculcate it in your regular time schedule and avoid skipping the healthy sessions. It builds endurance and reduce the stress levels. Push your limits and balance your life better.

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